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The Eudora Police and Fire Departments kept busy once again during the month of June.  Again this month, the EPD spent a majority of their calls handling building/residence checks.  Car stops came in as a very distant second and administrative activities followed as the third most frequent activity.  The total call volume for the month was 1175.  That works out to just under 40 calls per day.

For the entire list provided to us by the Police Department, you can click on the link HERE.

The Eudora Fire Department handled 35 calls for the month, mostly dealing with EMS situations.  Since the call type volume list is short, we are providing the list here.

EMS Calls – 25

Gas Leak – 2

Co Alarm – 1

Cancelled in Route – 0

Controlled Burn – 1

Grass Fire – 0

False Alarm – 3

Structure Fires – 0

MVA – 2

Other – 1

Total Call Volume – 35

One interesting note in the information provided by the Fire Department was the number of responders to these calls. Since the City Fire Department is a “volunteer” Fire Department and the firefighters are not paid a salary but only a small amount per call,  the number of responders is important to the cities bottom line.  In June, the EFD had 102 responses for all calls which works out to an average of 2.9 responders per event. will be providing these numbers on a monthly basis so the citizens of Eudora can see where their tax dollars are going.

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