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The City Commission has narrowed their search for a new City Manager down to two applicants. While Interim City Manager Mike Press would not identify who those two candidates are, he did tell us that they are both from the state of Kansas.  The candidates had their initial interviews last week and a second round of interviews for the two finalists are being scheduled.

Following the second interviews,  a finalist will be selected and then negotiations will begin. Press told us that he hoped that a new manager would be starting around July 1.

In other City Commission news, the second Commission meeting for May has been cancelled. The fourth Monday of May falls on Memorial Day and since that is a holiday, the governing body will not meet. Commissioner Kenny Massey asked Press during the last Council meeting if there was anything, no pun intended, pressing that the Commission needed to discuss at that time and Press stated that there was not.  The next Eudora City Commission meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on Monday, June 10.

With that said, the interviews for City Manager are technically Commission meetings, though the entire process consists of opening the meeting, going into executive session for the purpose of personnel issues (the interview), then publicly closing the meeting following the executive session. The general public is not allowed into executive sessions.  If a candidate is chosen, we would expect additional meetings for negotiation purposes and finally to hire a candidate. If the time line Press hopes for is to be held to, the candidate will need to be chosen prior to June 10.  We will keep you posted on the New City Manager search.

The Commission also approved a refinancing of loans taken out in 1998 and 2005 for improvements to the wastewater treatment facility and sewer system. According to the agenda statement from Press, the refinancing of the KDHE loan to General Obligation bonds will defer any rate increases or budget cuts in the sewer fund for at least the five to seven years based upon the present five year forecast.  This refinancing saves the city (and taxpayers) approximately $200,000.

Finally, the City wants you to get healthy. The Commission proclaimed May to be Bicycle Month and this week (May 13-17) to be “Bike to Work” week.  We hope all those commuters to Lawrence, Topeka and the Kansas City Metro area rode their bicycles to work this week.  If you did, we are certain you enjoyed that ride down K-10 or I-70 on a bicycle.

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