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For the last year, the City of Eudora and the Eudora Chamber of Commerce have been attempting to get a marketing and branding campaign together to help spur business and tourism to the city.  The efforts began back in 2011 with the city approval of funds for a marketing firm to help initiate this campaign. The city was setback in their efforts when Frye Allen Inc., the firm that was chosen originally, went out of business unexpectedly.   Now the city has obtained a new marketing firm, New Boston Creative Group from Manahattan, KS to lead this project.

New Boston Creative Group, The city and The Chamber of Commerce are now wanting to hear from both businesses and the public.  A public meeting will be held at 6:00 PM Tuesday evening at Eudora City Hall where citizens can offer their thoughts and opinions about Eudora.  The group is also holding some private focus group interviews with Chamber of Commerce members in conjunction with the public event Tuesday evening.

“We want to know what citizens think of when they hear Eudora,” Economic Development Director Collin Bielser said. “We want to gauge their feelings about the city and help identify what they see as important factors in helping to promote our city.”

Bielser said that this process will help create a logo, tagline, and solidify the identify of our community. The brand will be used to market the community throughout the region.   The campaign is expected to be unveiled in late July.

For those that wish to attend the event on Tuesday, an RSVP is requested so that the Chamber and city staff can make sure to have enough food materials available for all attendees.  Food and drinks will also be provided to attendees.

You can RSVP to:

Collin Bielser  at Eudora City Hall.  The phone number is  785-542-4111.  You can also email Collin at  RSVP’s are requested as soon as possible.


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4 Responses to City looking for a slogan

  • “Come to Eudora, because the traffic in Lawrence stinks.”

  • “Come to Eudora and pay $40.63 a month just for sewer service!”

  • I’m still waiting for some sarcastic slogans involving the water, the mayor and fact that local business doesn’t thrive around here. You can do better, people!

    (kidding…though I often wonder why some of you don’t just move! Ha!)

  • This has been done time and time again. Cheryl Beauty did this and the council never gave her the money or ok to go with it to get a program going. They got all the info, met and knew what had to be done and it never got the stuff needed to do it beyond that point.
    I wish them luck at getting this city leading staff to do anything good for the people or businesses of Eudora.