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For the first time since we began covering the Eudora City Council, we have never experienced a Council meeting that had absolutely nothing on the business agenda.

When the agenda was set to us late last week, the agenda consisted simply of the public comment section, mayor, city council and City Administrator comments.

With nothing on the agenda, the meeting might make it to the three minute mark if enough council members even are present for it to constitute a meeting.

This is the first and one of very few times I will ever say the following sentence:  Don’t waste your time coming to City Hall for the City Council meeting on Monday.

Now, if the rest of my week can go this well……



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3 Responses to City Council Meeting Monday March 12, 2012

  • Gee, I was going to go to this meeting, but I have been told by many long time residents, that attending these meetings is a waste of time. I could have used that public comment time to ask what city services we, the public, get for our taxes. No, really, what do we get for our money paid in the form of taxes. After three calls to public works, two in one week, to get the culvert under W 13th st unpacked, sombody finally did, and threw the mess in our yard. The people who live on that corner are seniors. One is disabled and the other does all the yard stuff. We could devalue our house and cut all the trees down, so there is no mess in the culvert, but that seems a little extreme. We have no curbs, why? We have no gutters, why? The city wastes little time in our neighborhood and apparently will not carry off any thing resembeling yard debries. Do personal, wages and equipment take every penny the city gets? We don’t need, or want sidewalks here, just a little attention so we know where a few of our dollars go. I guess I’ll just have to go to one of those meetings and ask sombody.

    • Sandra,

      You may get your opportunity to attend a very important meeting scheduled for March 20 at 7:00PM at City Hall. I think you might find it very interesting. Now your going to ask what the meeting is about. Check on Wednesday for the whole story…’s that for a teaser 🙂

  • If you came to Eudora for anything other than the games they play in city hall to look like Johnson County, but cant, your not in luck.
    At this time they want to spend millions we dont have and will not have for 10 years or more.
    As a business person in Eudora i see the trends and business here sucks. Tax revenues are DOWN and the new businesses trying to make it are hurting.
    I bet the dollar store will close within 1 year of its opening date. I will be a coke on it.
    This city does not support local businesses and the city spends (Drum Roll ) dRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 0$ to help a business here. They do anything they can to hurt and delay a business opening and make it as hard as possible to open your doors.
    If you were here years ago and have a foothold, you can survive, but it gets harder every day. We squeek by and the fact all or most of our business is out of towners , helps a bunch.
    Going to a meeting may not help a bunch BUT GO do your civic duty and tell them what you think, we do. cant hurt to try.