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Monday’s City Council Agenda should yield some interesting discussions on topics.

We will point out there is a public hearing item on the form of government. This time will be set aside for anyone wishing to express their opinion on the November ballot initiative to change the form of city government from Mayor-Council to Commissioner-City Manager.

PUBLIC HEARING – Form of Government
– Consider proclamation naming October 7-13, 2012 4-H Week

– Consider Resolution 2012-10 abating conditions at 40 Stevens Road

– Consider awarding bids for the Eudora Public Safety Building

– Update on Eudora economic development plan

– Consider City of Eudora Logo/Tagline

– Consider Facilities Maintenance Technician position

– Consider equipment purchase for Public Works Department

– Consider Utility Billing intercity move procedures

– Consider form of government letters

– Consider Meadowlark HOA donation

– Consider Ordinance 999 Mayor and Council compensation

We will follow up with the newsworthy events and discussions of the meeting.

As always, the agenda is subject to change up to the beginning of the City Council meeting. City Council meetings are normally held on the second and fourth Monday’s of the month and begin at 7:00PM.  Meetings are held in the Council chambers at city Hall, 4 East 7th Street in downtown Eudora.

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15 Responses to City Council meeting Agenda – September 24, 2012

  • Hey John
    Can you do a story on Eudora city bills.
    One that gets into
    How we are billed.
    The changes in the totals in the last 15 years.
    Where each penny is going and why ?
    and the real reason we dont sell our electrical grid to KPL and save millions ?
    The city lies about it costing more if they sell our grid, but with the equipent cost upkeep and personel, it would save millions to sell it and let KPL service us.
    The reason i ask is i dont think we are getting the real story on some issues and i would participate in giving numbers of old bills and so on to set an example.
    I think the time has come for the people of Eudora to stand up and look at the real issues and demand an answer to WHY did our utility bills jump 500% in 6 years ?

  • As usual, businessman, your hyperbole has weakened your position. 500% in 6 years? So, you are saying that a $100/month utility bill six years ago is now $500/month? Unless your usage has changed dramatically during that time period, there is simply no way your claim could be accurate. I went back through my expense ledgers for the past six years and found that my bill has increased, on average, 6.15%/year over that time period. I don’t think that is out of line for the increased cost of energy in other parts of the economy. The debate over who should provide electricity to Eudora may be one worth having, however, making outlandish claims doesn’t do anything constructive to get that discussion started.

  • I hope his business isnt accounting….. If so , no wonder we cant keep any business in Eudora.

  • Try from $51.00 to $250.00 a month & usage down 25% .
    Those are the real numbers.
    If your bill has risen only 6% in 5 years the city has been playing with numbers and i will be contacting the state on the matter and request an audit.
    The city has had 4 increases that i know of in this time and all of them were from 11% to 14% at least.
    Funny thing is, the more you conserve the more they gig us for.
    The real Business man What is your business , giving people the business, LOL, what a joke.

  • Clarification, businessman, my bill has increased an average of 6.15/year for a total increase of 37.82% over the past six years. That’s just my experience. I would be interested in knowing others experience. In 2006 the national average for a gallon of gasoline was $2.59. The national average today is $3.81. That is a 47% increase. Obviously gasoline and electricity are not the same thing, they are both in the energy sector, however. I don’t like paying a dime more than I should for anything, however, the increases I’ve seen in my bill seem to be consistent with the increase in energy costs overall. If there is a way to get those costs down that would be great, but we have to deal with facts when solving problems.

  • I agree , it just sucks. I also have to clear up that my entire bill with water , sewer , electric and trash has gone up 5 xs not just the electric part.
    This is why i am leaving Eudora, i see no end to it and with our school district wasting millions a s well, its going to get worse not better.
    We have 3 new schools in use that are going to need upkeep that the district did not plan for when building them , plus we have West Elementry going to waste and costing tens of thousands of $$$ a year to upkeep and keep utilities turned on in it.
    Its just gotten to be too much for me to sit back and absorb. I know many others who are selling a home or just plain walking out of them and letting them sit empty. We have 4 within 3 bolcks from us that are walkaways and the city doesnt even know it at this time.The neighbors mow the yards and it looks like all in well, but nobody lives in them and the city gets no money from utilities or taxes now.
    relbusinessman check on what your total bill increase is for 6 years , youl poop your pants when you see it.
    I also want others to have input and tell us your story of the growing utility bills in Eudora.

  • Like clockwork. Just got the new city bill. and its even worse now.
    Water usage went up 2 more units to say we used 6 units and for 20 years it was 2 units and 4 units for the last 12 months and now its up to 6 WHAT A CROCK OF SHI# !!!!
    I HATE EUDORA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IT SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I agree businessman. We got our city bill and it went up 30.00 for a month that we had windows open most of the month! It was more than the July bill and we watered a bunch. How can this be???

  • I have contacted the state about an audit and checking our meter system. Something is not right and im sick of being plain @ss screwed over month after month by this city.
    I will post the results in the upcoming months.
    Anyone else have this problem ? I dont mean you just have 1 high bill, i mean a problem that can be validated ?
    Post your concern here.

  • I am also concerned about my city bill… I am charged 32.75 each month for my sewer and my neighbor is charged 20.93, why the difference? also I am charged 2.25 for storm drains and there isn’t even one where I live.

  • Please check the time frame on your city bills. Mine was for 40 days, it was huge!!! I contacted the city and was given a reasonable explanation. I’m not happy about it, but this is a small town, a new employee may take awhile to figure it out. If you have a gripe take it to the people in charge!!!! I did, didn’t change anything, but now I know why my bill is huge. Mr Businessman, NOBODY should live where they are so unhappy. I hope you can find a place soon, that suits you better.

  • meeeeeeeee toooooo.
    Like clockwork the power went off again this morning with a large power surge when it cam back on.
    This is why this city is CRAP and the city leaders are (my opinion) terrible leaders !!!!!
    SO Sandra . Just because some employee cant read a meter you think its ok for the city to tack on the extra 10 days to a bill ? What does the old person who has to give up medications allready have to do to pay that extra money on this HUGE bill ?
    How about that mother of 3 with no extra money ? does she tell the city ” i will catch up next month ” and get hit with the stupid HUGE LATE CHARGE that will eat up her milk money for the newborn ?
    This is exactly why this city SUCKS they dont give a rats ass about anyone period !!!
    I bet you $10.00 ( if you have it after paying your city bill ) next months bills will be just as high and for the 28 day period.
    The answer to concerned citizens question is. Your sewer is based on your water usage in february i think . This sets a rate for the years usage. YEA it sucks.

  • PS The storm drain charge i have no idea on that one.
    Pass the word and lets get a whole lot of people on here and get the bills listed.

    John can you start a section on this topic for us please.
    We need to let the leaders know people are tired of the BS and want something done.
    The power going out all the time and tired of the big city bills.
    Thank you.

  • Businessman, I have an idea, why don’t you run for a position on the city council and when you see how a city is run, if you do not like it, then you come up with a better plan.

  • sdw If you read the other posts on here you would know i dont due to not being able to have the time to make all the meetings. Unlike the ones on the council now that miss 12 out of 24 meetings a year.
    If i was to run and (have been asked many times due to my views) i would make some huge changes and it would be a positive change, not negative like this leadership group we have now.
    The first thing to do would get rid of our city admin .
    Second STOP the new fire medical building NOW.
    Third , sell off our power grid and farm it out.
    Those 3 items would save Eudora 4 million plus right there .