Eudora News and Information

The Eudora City council will once again convene Monday evening at 7:00PM in the City Council chambers at City Hall to cover the latest business.  On the agenda this Monday:

Public Hearings on:

– 827 Main Street – Consideration of unsafe and dangerous structure
– 2012 Budget

Agenda Items:

– Consider adopting 2012 Budget
– Consider Ordinance 986 repealing Ordinance 885 – 3% annual utility increase
– Consider Resolution 2011-08 – dangerous conditions at 1039 Walnut
– Consider approving lease of Nottingham Elementary

Editor’s Note:  There will be a work session following the agenda items for the discussion of allowing fowl in the city limits.  The work session is simply Q & A time for the Council members to discuss these issues. No action will be taken by the Council on this. The results of this session, if the Council is interested in pursuing an ordinance change, will be scheduled for a future meeting.  Members of the public can attend work sessions, though there is no public comment allowed unless called upon by a council member.

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