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The City Council will meet in regular session this evening for the first time in over a month.  On the agenda for this evening:

– Consider request from Tori Gezel to raise fowl within the city limits.

– Consider presentation by Darren Waisner regarding plantings along 10th Street at Grandview Mobile Home Park.

– Discuss hours of operation for the city Brush Dump.

– Consider approving a downtown grant award to Casa Agave.

– Consider approving project agreement with New Boston Creative Group.

– Consider approving 2012 street maintenance agreement.

Some of these could be rather interesting and we will report back to you on those of news and notes in the coming days.

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6 Responses to City Council Meeting Agenda – April 9, 2012

  • “Consider approving a downtown grant award to Casa Agave”

    Another non downtown business going for the downtown grant money?
    and the city wonders why the downtown if failing so bad.
    Spread that money out to the downtown business through an advertising program on local TV and radio stations.
    Promote your downtown businesses and bring in some much needed tax revenue !!!!!!

    NEWS FLASH April 2012
    3 more downtown Eudora businesses to close soon.
    The cycle keeps going due to the city not spending a dime to help downtown businesses with promotions and all other cities do.
    I guess it is a way for the city to keep a changing variety of shops going. New and Re-New in Two. NRNT the new downtown logo.
    As it stands most businesses in downtown Eudora make just enough to pay the HIGH city bills and rent , basic cost of operations and thats it.
    I have an idea. Why not doze all the downtown businesses down and put up more houses and city office buildings ?
    That is what is popular with the city leaders , so why not go with it ?

  • Very sad and disappointing to see these businesses come in and then have to go. I myself, love to see new businesses and get excited for them. I do my best to support them, even though we are not rich and could not do this alone. This town has grown so used to everything being a ‘flash in the pan.” We should definately strive harder to help them stay here. I dont think it is right to give a downtown grant to anyone but downtown businesses, but been here for 20 years and a whole lot of nepatism still goes on around here. Here is an idea, let me have one of those vacant bldgs, remember over 2 yrs ago you said you would help me with clothing closet for the community? I dont think so, but what an idea to have this downtown to help people. I am thinking, just a thought, but it would bring people to town, it already has. Oh, I guess not for the right reasons. We should help the poor. I intend to keep doing so, can I get a downtown business grant to help me? We are self funded over here… Using our own home to help others. We should want something better for our historical downtown area. Just saying…..

  • On what basis and through what merit do downtown businesses deserve any preferential treatment over other Eudora businesses. I suppose you could look at the grants being available for a certain area of town and not others as being an unfair advantage for the businesses receiving the grant funds – and an unfair advantage created and supported by the city government. Businesses outside of downtown have all of the challenges that businesses downtown have – and probably higher overhead, yet I don’t hear them complaining about the city not covering their marketing expenses. What shape would this TV campaign that take? Would it spotlight only certain businesses, the whole business community, the greater Eudora area? Would all businesses get the same amount of coverage? Have you checked into costs for such a campaign? Have you presented this as an option to the Chamber or City Council? Or do you expect them to know your wishes and act on them through some sort of economic developemnt telepathy? There are good people running successful businesses in this community. There are efforts being made at the city level to support local businesses. I don’t think anyone can blame the success or failure of their business on the city.

  • The grant money was stated by the state of Kansas to be used for Downtown Businesses only ! To enhance the downtown business districts.
    Yes the idea and plans to use city money to run an ad blitz on local TV and radio were given to the city and it never got done.
    It was to cover ALL Eudora businesses not just downtown.
    If non downtown businesses need grant money, they need to go to the city and request looking into other grants for other areas.
    The failure of Eudora businesses is so high that it is a job that this city needs to take on to keep businesses going and creating a good tax revenue collection system going.
    Eudora needs to get off this idea that homes will pay for everything, they wont, you get a tax base so high it takes every extra dollar the people have , just to stay in a home.

  • I understand the purpose of the grant money, what I don’t understand is why there is a distinction between “non” downtown businesses and all other businesses in the community. It seems really counterproductive. We all want the same thing, to grow our businesses.

  • They do that to see what parts of the business streams are staying active in the revenue collection system and to see what shoppers are looking for.
    It tells the state if it is woth while spending more money to keep a downtown district looking good or spending the time end money elsewhere.
    With what Eudora has done with the grant money its not done any good at keeping the downtown district going , nor given any feedback to the state other than the outer sprawl businesses are hurting and need help too.
    The grants are broke down to small areas for a reason and Eudora jacked that whole deal up…..