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City Council members wasted no time in deciding that the city will not add fluoride to the municipal water system.  Mayor Scott Hopson opened the topic during Monday evening’s Council meeting and before he could even finish the agenda statement, there was a motion on the floor to not add fluoride.  All five City Council members voted against the addition of fluoride.

The City Council had heard testimony at two precious Council meetings from experts and citizens, mostly opposed, to  adding fluoride to the water.

“According to much of the information we received, it showed that it can cause serious health issues,” Councilwoman Ruth Hughs said. “And we can’t take it out as easy as we can put it in so I was against it.”

Councilman John Fiore said he not only listened to the experts but went out and researched it greatly before coming to a no decision.

“I had a conversation with a dental professional who recommended strongly against it,” Fiore stated. “The only possible reason to add it to the water was to reduce cavities and the research shows that it only reduces cavities 20 percent.  At those odds, I don’t like adding chemicals to the water supply.”

We had good information from the experts,” Hughs added. “It helped us make a very informed decision.”


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One Response to City Council decides to not add fluoride to the city water system

  • I would love to see the scientific research on the harmful effects of flouride. To my knowledge, the salutary effects of flouride was settled science for years.