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The Eudora City Council will reconvene on Monday evening to discuss the latest on city business.  On the agenda for Monday’s meeting:

– Recognize Sergeant Tom Willis for 10 years of service and Donna Oleson for 25 years of service to the City of Eudora.

– Consider Charter Ordinance No. 13 amending Charter Ordinance No. 9.

– Consider Ordinance No. 987 accepting the Planning Commission’s recommendation to establish a zoning district classification “C”, Commercial District for a 1.18 acre parcel of land at the southeast corner of 15th Street and Church Street on former KDOT right of way.

– Consider a preliminary and final plat of “Greenway Addition NO. 2, Lot 1” for a 1.18 acre parcel of land at the southeast corner of 15th Street and Church Street, on former KDOT right of way.

– Consider a preliminary site plan application by Davidson A/E, on behalf of R.H. Johnson, Inc., for a Family Dollar development proposed for Greenway Addition, No. 2, Lot 1.

– Gather feedback on Douglas County Natural and Cultural Heritage grant applications by the Eudora Historical Society.

The City Council meets in the Council Chambers on the second and fourth Monday of each month at Eudora City Hall at 7th & Main Street.  The general public is always invited and encouraged to attend.

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12 Responses to City Council Agenda September 12, 2011

  • Anyway we get the proposed Family Dollar site moved. Visitors don’t need to see a Family Dollar as the first store they see coming into town. How embarrassing.

  • does that mean u will not shop there? I would much rather see a family dollar there then a junk yard or something else less attractive.

  • Nope, won’t be shopping there. Not my cup of tea.

  • Give it a rest at least something might be coming to this town.
    What is wrong with a Dollar Store? To cheap at least it would be something different.

  • Shotski is right. Atleast something is coming into town. Atleast its a building being built, and not TORN DOWN!

  • I agree with the last two! Wake up and smell the corn Tom, this is Eudora. I think it must be the word “dollar” that bothers you? I am really hoping this, or might it be the caliber of the clientele it might bring in? If it is the latter, shame on you. This is something else you need to wake up on. Not everyone can afford Starbucks and Macy’s. Some just like to be able to have the convenience of not having to go to Lawrence or Desoto to buy foil, paper plates, toilet paper, etc. We should have this convenience in our own town. I for one want anything that will help boost our economy. I dont care if its Aldi or Hyvee. I am not fond of Walmart myself but sometimes I have to go there. Dollar stores are in right now. Just google it, they do more business now than Walmart, Walmart is even thinking about going with a smaller store to compete with them. It is all about convenience for the consumer. When I want something right now I dont want to go into a warehouse store that is set up to trap you into buying, so I go to the DOLLAR STORE! I dont care who is in there! We have a lot of folks that live in our little town who cannot afford the fancier stores, some of us live paycheck to paycheck and others just want a bargain to save and keep on budget. I get sick of folks thinking ew if I have to be around poor people,what you are not any better than the people who are impoverished. We are all Gods children. We should all be working together for the betterment of our township and strive that we get more businesses in here, maybe not a pawn shop but anything that can keep our money local. I was here when oh no not a liquor store in eudora! Now we have 2 and who is complaining, no one. Look at small town USA and see what they have to offer in it across the board, SOnic, Subway, a pizza parlor,laundromats, convenience stores and oh my goodness a Dollar Store. Why should our small town be any different. If I am on the road traveling and need something right away do I want to lets see stop at a Walmart or a Dollar Store? Hands down it will be Dollar Store, easy in and out, and back on the road. So you can go to Lawrence whilst we are shopping at the local dollar store with everyone else in our town. You dont have to like progress, just live with it!

  • @tom just my two cents but people like you are the problem with this town. Can’t shop in a “dollar” store…come on keep the DOLLARS local. I am thrilled that we might get this store. How many trips can we all save by not running to Lawrence for a couple of things. Gas is not cheap and saving a little here and there all adds up. And Christine is right if you are just too worried about the “kinds” of people that might shop there then shame on you.

  • Easy guys. I’m all for supporting Eudora and do all that I can to back that up. It’s not that I don’t want a dollar store in Eudora, quite frankly a dollar store makes a lot of sense here, but I don’t like the location.

    There are not a lot of stores that like to locate themselves next to a dollar store as the dollar store will obviously underbid a lot of their products. That intersection is as prime as real estate can get in Eudora, and I worry that store will detour others from locating in that area where we could receive the most benefit in diving in dollars to Eudora.

    Also, I never said anything about the “kinds” of people who shop at a dollar store. I said it wasn’t my cup of tea. That is based strictly on the products usually sold in a dollar store. Lots of fine people shop at dollar stores and lots of fine people don’t shop at dollar store. Please don’t put words in my mouth or assume things, as you end up doing the same thing you are preaching against.

  • family dollar carries name brands and off brands. Everything from clothes to screw drivers. You are the “kind of people” that stops everything from progressing in this town. What would be your ideal business to go there then if family dollar isnt your cup of tea.

  • eudoramom: You are the “kind of people” that stops everything from progressing in this town.

    Huh? What “kind of person” am I then? I’m just curious since you seem to know so much about me after reading one of my comments.

    I’m just giving my opinion. It’s nothing more…it’s nothing less. You have your opinion, and I can respect that. Obviously, you don’t recepercate though.

  • Tom, you getting the usuall on this board. If you post something that someone doesnt agree with or isnt PC, then your in the wrong. Some people just cant listen to a opinion and realize thats all it is.

  • where was all this support for the prev dollar store or hardware store ?