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The Eudora City Council will be busy tonight at their bi-weekly meeting.  On the agenda for this evening:

– Consider approving a downtown grant to Bill DeArmond

– Consider approving a contract with HTK Architects for design services for the new public safety/fire building

– Consider approving a contract with Universal Construction for construction management services for the new public safety/fire building

– Consider mid-period report of water quality testing and approving a new water operator position

– Discuss directing staff to revise off-street parking requirements

– Consider continuing discounted development fees for 2012

– Consider rescheduling last regular meeting in December





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4 Responses to City Council Agenda December 12, 2011

  • What is the reason this small town needs a new Police and fire station ???
    This is the bigest waste of money this city has thrown away in a long time, what a stupid wasteful idea.
    Add an upstairs to the Police Dept building we now have and that would be more than enough to get us by until the world ends in Dec of 2012.
    That corner should for one be saved for RETAIL BUSINESS not another damn city building.
    Can this city staff not see that RETAIL BUSINESS is what we need not more crap like this, gees get a grip you guys.
    I think our new city administrator is steering us in the wrong direction on this deal.
    What are your thoughts ????

  • Why is this new public safety/fire building going forward? Was this concept ever put on the ballot for us, the tax payers, to vote on first? It appears the city has already spent money for design and plans to take bids for construction. Cart before the horse ????

  • They dont give a crap what the taxpayers think.They are going to do what they think is right for us and we get the shaft every time they do this.
    To fight them is a waste of time and money though, i have tried and they just move forward and do what they want.
    Hell they voted themselves a huge pay increase this year.
    The streets are crap, the water is crap , the power grid is worse than a 9 volt battery but yet they want to spend what will end up being millions on a new police and fire station in a business district , and its not even a needed project. It is a HUGE waste.

  • “businessman”, all Eudora thinks about is new,new,new. A new building will be better than a old building! Our kids can learn better in a new building! B. S! I agree, its getting VERY old how the city is spending, spending,spening, but cant seem to spend a darn dime on fixing the roads around this town. Other than on roads that if they would have been installed ocrect the first time, wouldnt need to already be re-surfaced.