The Eudora City Commission has concerns about a proposed sand pit operation that would be located on the former Eudora Country Club golf course.

At the City Council meeting on Monday evening, the City Commission was informed about a proposed sand pit located next to the Kansas River. John Harrenstein, Eudora City Administrator, talked about the discussion had with residents and land owners two weeks prior and the initial plans for this sand plant. Harrenstein mentioned the concern by local residents of possible flooding, destruction of the majority of the tree line in the area, likely increased truck traffic traveling through Eudora and the biggest concern of all, the proximity to the cities well system.  Harrenstein stated that he personally went to the location and measured from the closest well to the property line and it was a distance of 1100 feet from well to property.

The City Council adopted a letter, signed by all City Council members, which will be sent to both the Douglas County Commission and the Douglas County Planning commission stating their concerns about the well proximity and requested that an independent study be requested in regards to the location and its distance to the city wells. A traffic analysis was also requested in this letter, to better identify what type of impact truck traffic would have on the cities roadways. The amount of trucks entering and leaving the plant can vary greatly day to day, though the best estimate at the height of operations and sales could be in the area of 35 trucks entering and leaving the facility daily.

The Douglas County Commission and The County Planning Commission would be the first of the governing bodies to issue permits for this proposed operation. Multiple other state and federal agencies are involved in the permit process as well.

Mayor Scott Hopson voiced large concern about this project from this initial information. Hopson stated in a later interview how he has used the area along the river for recreational purposes, as have many others over the years, and having an operation like this could have a detrimental impact on the environment and usability of the lands.  “I want to know all the facts about this, before we proceed forward.” Hopson said.

Councilman Bill Whitten also voiced concerns during the meeting, about the problem that if they city of Eudora continues to grow as expected, what impact this project would have to expanding the city wells.

Representatives of Kaw Valley Companies, the operators of the proposed sand pit operation, are tentatively scheduled to make a presentation to the City Council at the next Council meeting on October 12th.

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