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With less than 24 hours to the deadline for candidates to file for City Commission, some horses are finally heading to starting line.

Jerry Trober Sr., a longtime Eudora resident, and Jolene Born, a newcomer, had entered the race over the course of the last couple of weeks. Now, Incumbent Tim Reazin has filed for a reelection bid.

Reazin, who first won a spot on the City Council four years ago, talked about how he felt he had more to do.

“We’ve started some good things here but we’re not finished yet,” Reazin said. “I want to continue the positive growth and change we have had in the community.”

Reazin’s attendance as a current member of the Commission will likely become a topic during the campaign.  In the fall of 2012, the City Council passed a resolution about attendance policies for Council/Commission meetings.  If a Commissioner misses more than four meetings during a calendar year, they will lose a half months pay for each meeting missed.  The initiative was brought about by Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson who, while not specifically naming Reazin, made it rather obvious the policy was directed at him.

During the calendar year of 2012, Reazin missed six of the 20 Council meetings held.  Bill Whitten was a close second with four absences.  Hopson and Councilman Kenny Massey missed one apiece. Ruth Hughs and John Fiore both had perfect attendance during 2012. The Council cancelled four meetings during the year as well. Three were near or on holidays and one cancellation was due the inability to have enough members present to have a quorum.  Both Reazin and Whitten are firefighters in other jurisdictions who normally work 24 hour shifts and accounted their absenteeism to the work schedule.

“I don’t think it (referring to attendance) impacted my ability to serve at all,” Reazin stated. “I had input on all the major issues we had during the year.”

Reazin stated that it was hard to reschedule shifts to accommodate all of the governing body meetings.

“We’re not full time workers,” Reazin said. “We have to worry about family and careers first, then the Commission.”

So as of right now, we officially have three candidates in the race. We have heard some unconfirmed reports that Mayor Hopson may enter the race as well. We talked very briefly to Hopson a couple of weeks ago and he said that he not made a decision as of yet.  Hopson has so far not returned phone calls since that conversation.  Rumors are really starting to fly and we have talked to some others that may get in prior to the filing deadline, but nothing official yet.  Tuesday morning, we expect a flurry of activity at City Hall as the clock nears Noon.

Two seats will be up for election this year.  If we reach 7 or more candidates by the filing deadline, a primary will be held in late February to whittle the list down to six.  The Top six from a primary would then go head to head for the 2 seats in the April 2 election.

It’s interesting that we went from no candidates running to a possible primary race in less than five days.  It could make the next six weeks rather interesting…..more as the story develops.

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