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The Eudora Police Department along with the Eudora School District have released some further information about the vandalism the occurred at Eudora District stadium on or near July 8.

The Douglas County District attorney, as announced last week, has filed charges against an 18 year and two 16 year olds.  In addition, a fourth suspect was allegedly present when the crime was committed but did not participate in actual damages.

“The crime was solved by normal investigative techniques,” said Eudora Sgt. Tom Willis. “The suspects were cooperative.”

According to Eudora School District Superintendent Don Grosdidier, the damages will be submitted to the district’s insurance company and there will be both short-term and long-term remedies for repairs.  The district is estimating the repairs will be in excess of $100,000.

“We will clean as much as possible to prepare the facility so that this doesn’t affect our fall sports schedule,” Grosdidier said. “The long-term plan is to make whatever remaining repairs are needed so that the stadium is restored to its original state.”

The district stadium will remain closed to the public while repairs are being made and security measures are evaluated. It is currently available to district students under the direct supervision of a coach.


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