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Fire investigators have determined that dryer lint caused the house located at 927 Church Street to catch fire early Sunday morning.

According to Eudora Fire Chief Ken Keiter, state and local investigators determined late Sunday evening that a spark ignited lint near the rear exhaust of the clothes dryer. The lint caught fire and started a blaze that gutted the interior of the house.

“This is not the first time I’ve seen this happen,” Keiter told the Eudora City Commission on his report of the fire. “People normally take the trap out at the front of their dryer and clean it regularly, but they don’t think about the back side where it exhausts to the outside.”

Keiter recommended that people clean their vents on a regular basis to help avoid the lint build up in the exhaust pipe.

“About every six months, I take a snake, similar to one plumbers use to clear a sewer pipe, and wrap a rag around the end of the snake,” Keiter said. “One I make sure the rag is secure and attached, I then will run that all the way down the length of the vent pipe until it exits outside.”

Homeowner Eric Quisenberry had stated that he had started his clothes dryer shortly before leaving Sunday around 7:30 AM.  Around 9:00 AM, passing motorists called 911 to report flames and smoke at the location.   Firefighters arrived and spent nearly four hours extinguishing the blaze.

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