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Auburn Pharmacy 2015-07-24

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Early Friday morning, someone broke into Auburn Pharmacy near 15th and Church Streets . According to the Eudora Police Department, the burglary happened around 3:45 AM.

“Someone broke the window out of the front of the building, entered it and took several medications,” Eudora Police Chief Bill Edwards said. “The people at Auburn Pharmacy believe the person knew just where to go to get a key to get in the drug lockers.”

Edwards said that multiple medications were taken in the theft. He told us that police were investigating and looking at camera footage from nearby businesses to obtain the identity of anyone involved.

“We found evidence that the thief left to the east.,’ Edwards disclosed. “We found containers and other items from the store that were dropped along the way.”

Megan Hedden, Head Pharmacist at Auburn Pharmacy, was happy that it occurred when no one was in the building.

“Something like this makes you question your safety,” Hedden said. “We’re thankful that no one was here when it happened.”

Hedden said that the Pharmacy will be reviewing their security system and strengthening store security policies very quickly. She also added that the Pharmacy is open and there are no issues with being able to fill prescriptions.

“We only had three or four issues with filling prescriptions this morning,” she said. “Our customers have been very kind and understanding.” She said that there were no issues with filling prescriptions by midday Friday.

Hedden declined to state what types of medications were stolen nor the value of drugs taken.

Both the Police Department and the pharmacy asked that anyone with information about the burglary to call the Eudora Police Department through the city main number at 785-542-3121.

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EHS Football team 1956

The new exhibit “Eudora High School Football: Rising to New Heights” is now open at the Eudora Community Museum (720 Main St.). The exhibit documents the history of the EHS football program through its ups and downs. The museum and exhibit will be open during the CPA Picnic festivities.  The exhibit was made possible by a grant from the Kansas Humanities Council.

CPA 2014

These fantastic birdhouses and other craft items will be for sale at the CPA Picnic this week. All proceeds from the sale of these craft (and other) items will benefit the Eudora Area Historical Society’s museum rehabilitation project. Be sure to stop by our table Friday and Saturday nights at the CPA Picnic! Our table will be in the west side of the CPA Park, close to the Paschal and Eudora Fish statue.

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The 4th annual “Ways of Yesteryear: Eudora Heritage Festival” and BBQ Contest is only 2 weeks away! The Festival will be held August 1st-2nd starting at 11am at the CPA Park in downtown Eudora. The event is operated by the Midwest Cultural Foundation. Proceeds from the charity aspect of the event will benefit the Eudora Area Historical Society’s museum rehabilitation project.

Some of the many entertaining events will include: BBQ competition, antique tractors, petting zoo, a parade, classic cars, live music, dancing, interactive speakers, historical re-enactors, local vendors, folk arts and crafts. The Eudora Area Historical Society will be holding a craft sale to raise funds for their museum rehabilitation project at the CPA Park as well.

Be sure to join the festive spirit in a couple of weeks and help celebrate what Eudora is all about!

Heritage Festival

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The Eudora Area Historical Society will have its July Program and meeting on Thursday, July 16th at 7:00pm at Eudora City Hall (4 East 7th Street).

The Program, titled “The Kansas City Monarchs in our Hometown” will be presented by Phil Dixon. The program is sponsored by the Kansas Humanities Council and coincides with the traveling Smithsonian exhibit “Hometown Teams” as it currently makes its way through Kansas communities. The EAHS is a partner site with “Hometown Teams” and will be unveiling a new sports-themed historical exhibit “Eudora High School Football: Rising to New Heights” on July 23 during the CPA Picnic.


This program is free and open to the public. We hope to see you there!

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2015_07_06_Storm_2A picture taken at 8th and Church Streets following the tornado that moved through Eudora Monday evening (photo by Managing Editor John Schulz)

Eudora News and

The National Weather Service has classified the storm that came through Eudora Monday night  as an EF-1 tornado.  According to Douglas County Emergency Management Director Teri Smith, the Weather Service and DCEM conducted damage assessment midday on Tuesday and made the determination.   This marks the first time in Eudora’s history that a tornado has touched down inside the city limits.

An EF-1 tornado on the Enhanced Fujita scale means that winds speeds were estimated to be between 86 m.p.h and 110 m.p.h.  The damage from from EF-1 is described as moderate and can include roofs being stripped, mobile homes overturned or damaged and loss of exterior doors and windows or other glass being broken.


A tree stands sheared of most of it’s branches at 8th and Church Streets in Eudora. Photo by Managing Editor John Schulz

In the case of Eudora damage was done to a significant amount of trees in the area of downtown Eudora. Daniel Taylor, a resident at 8th and Church Streets said that he had at least one window blown out of his breeze way during the storm. Taylor also indicated a corner section of his roof had been peeled upwards along with various yard items being tossed around the area.

We also were told via Facebook by officials from Holy Family Catholic Church that the scaffolding in front of the church currently under construction was knocked down but no damage was done to the new building.

Numerous people have taken to social media to post pictures and videos.  You can find some of them through our Facebook Page.

The City has also announced that they will allow citizens to place tree branches in the gravel parking lot just to the north of the Eudora Public Safety Building on Main Street. This is the site where the CPA carnival rides normally sit. They are asking people who are bringing their debris to the site to pile it up from the East and work towards Main Street to allow adequate room for everyone’s debris. This is only limited to trees and leaves. This is not for any damaged items due to the storm.

City Hall officials stated via a Facebook pot by Eric Strimple, that the city will offer curbside pickup if folks are unable to take their tree limbs to 9th and Main Streets. They did caution it could be nearly a week before it would be picked up curbside.  You can call City Hall for more information at 785-542-2153.

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