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The Eudora Area Historical Society will have its May Program and meeting on Thursday, May 21st at 7:00pm at Eudora City Hall (4 East 7th Street)

The Kansas (Kaw) River has always been a big part of the Eudora community. This new program developed by local historian Barbara Higgins-Dover will explore fishing and fish markets of the Kansas River.

River KingsFishermen of the Kansas River

This program is free and open to the public. We hope to see you there!


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Eudora News and

Eudora may soon have an answer for those that want high speed fiber internet services: RG Fiber.  At the Eudora City Commission meeting Monday night, the commission signed a deal with RG Fiber that could bring business and residential gigabit fiber to Eudora. While their name may not be Google, the service they would provide would be comparable to Google Fiber which has set up service in multiple areas of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties.

The licensing agreement signed between the city and RG Fiber will allow the company to use current right of way areas to bury fiber optic cable through the city that would provide internet and related services to Eduora.  The agreement also specifically states that RG is not granted the rights to provide standard cable television or home phone services to the city.

RG Fiber, which is based in Baldwin City, currently has a deal in place with Baldwin City and Baker University to provide high speed internet service to that community along with phone and cable TV.   This deal would allow, RG Fiber to bring their service from locations north of Eudora and help set up the backbone that can provide that service to Baldwin City.

This deal has been in the works for some time. It all began several months ago when Mike Bosch, co-founder of RG Fiber, was approached by Eudora School Superintendent Steve Splichal about services for the School District. To make those services happen, the deal with the city needed to be put into place first.  Besides providing gigabit internet service to the Eudora School District, there are also some other services RG Fiber wold be doing for the District.

Now the question is what services will the School District be getting? That is unknown right now. We talked to several School District officials last week and all of them had no comment about what other services there might be. Bosch did confirm to that there is some other things planned in regards to the School District, but declined to say exactly what they are stating that would be for the School District to announce when they are ready.

Other parts of the contract the City signed with RG Fiber state that the company has 15 months from the execution of the agreement to have the first hookups. If they don’t meet that deadline, they would start paying a penalty. Bosch told the Commission that he feels confident that hookups will start in 12 months.

“I am very excited about this opportunity,” Bosch said. “There is some impressive community leadership here and they all came together to make this happen very quickly.”

Bosch said the plan is to start a marketing campaign in the next few weeks to ascertain how much interest there is in the community for signing up subscribers to the gigabit internet service.  He told us that to make the installation into the neighborhoods cost effective, a good percentage of each neighborhood would need to agree to sign up for the service, before they start laying fiber.  If there are enough subscribers in each neighborhood, then fiber would proceed in those neighborhoods.  Bosch told us several weeks ago that the percentage would need to be in the area of 40% or better. He also stated that number could fluctuate depending on costs and available capital.

Bosch did not state what the exact cost would be for fiber internet service in Eudora. He said that would be determined in the next few weeks.  The initial pricing structure for Baldwin City is $75 per month for the service.  He did state that his research showed that fiber speeds would be about 100 times faster than what customers of WOW cable service currently receive.

Outgoing Eudora Mayor John Fiore was pleased to have this deal executed shortly before his term on the Commission ended.

“I am extremely excited about this service coming to Eudora and being a part of the team that made it happen,” Fiore said. “The economic impact from this service could be huge to the community.”

Newly selected Eudora Mayor Tim Reazin was happy with the decision as well.

“This is a great opportunity for both businesses and residents,” Reazin said.  Echoing the comments that Fiore had stated, he went on to say that he looked forward to having the higher speeds available and bring alternative internet service to the community.


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Fall LeafFall Leaf School by Shirley M. Douglass 

Don and Dianne Huggins are hosting an Open House at their home this Saturday (04/25) from 10am until sunset. Their home is the historic, rehabilitated former Fall Leaf School. In addition to admiring the painstaking work that went into restoring this historic schoolhouse, you will be able to admire the flower garden and help yourself to refreshments.

Location: The Fall Leaf School is located at 10928 229th Street, Lindwood, KS 66052

Directions: From Eudora, take Main Street north, going out of town over the Kansas River. Main St turns into into 222nd Street, take that to left on Alexander Road to left on 230th Street to left on Fall Leaf Road.

When: Saturday April 25 from 10am until Sunset

Contact: Lorene Cox for any questions, 785-542-2562

This promises to be a neat event, the Huggins’ hope you can make it!

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Eudora Cardinal

Eudora News and

The Eudora School Board has called a special meeting for Wednesday night to talk about budget cuts for the coming school year.  The meeting will take place at the Eudora High School Performing Arts Center. The meeting is set to begin at 7:00 P.M.

According to the agenda published by the School District, Superintendent Steve Splichal will share information about the district budget and options for cuts for the 2015-2016 budget.   The public will have time for comment following the presentation by Splichal.  Unlike most Board meetings, there is no need for prior approval to speak to the board in the public comment section at this meeting.

Following the public comment, Splichal will provide information about the next steps in collecting community feedback and budgeting for the 2015-2016 school year.

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Eudora News and

Citizens headed to the polls on Tuesday to decide on who will run their City, School District and if the sales tax should be raised.

In the City Commission race, Incumbent Ruth Hughs easily won re-election for her second full term by garnering 398 votes. Hughs was appointed to the Commission to replace Fred Stewart in 2010 and was elected to a four year term in 2011. Similar to 2011, Hughs won the race by a large margin.

“I am truly honored to have the support of the citizens and be re-elected to serve four more years,” Hughs said following the win. “I am looking so forward to being a part of the plans the city has for the future.”

Maria Nelson will be making a return to the City Commission as well.  Coming in second to Hughs with 327 votes, Nelson said she was happy to be back on the Commission.

“I love being involved with the city,” Nelson told us. “Having the opportunity to once again work with the staff of the city and be a part of the decisions that shape this town is very exciting.”

Nelson served one term on the then City Council from 2007 until 2011. Nelson narrowly lost in the 2011 election.

Tim Bruce won the third and final seat up for election, getting 300 votes. Bruce also serves as President of the Chamber of Commerce.

Finishing in a distant 4th and 5th place were Justin Eddings (165 votes) and Chris Fiedler (138 votes).

Bruce and Nelson will replace Mayor John Fiore and Commissioner Kenny Massey, both whom decided to not run for election.

One of the first items on the new Commission’s docket will be to look at how to spend the new approved sales tax money.  The decision to raise the city sales tax by 3/4 of a percent narrowly passed.  The final count was 317 – 257 to approve the increase.

“I am very thankful to the citizens and thrilled they have the faith in us as good stewards of the tax money,” Mayor John Fiore told us. “I am confident the city will return and investment that benefits the citizens and that Eudora will generate a product greater than most other communities.”

Ruth Hughs was delighted and trilled that the sales tax increase passed.

“I am looking forward to the projects this will fund,” Hughs said.

It will be interesting to see what this does fund. City officials have said in their presentations to bolster this increase that the most important item the city wants to do is expand the Rec Center to include more workout facilities and look at adding an indoor walking facility. Will the estimated $2.7 million the tax is expected to raise over the course of 10 years fund all that and have any leftover for other projects such as CPA Park? Time will tell.

Over at the School District, two long time incumbents easily won re-election bids. Joe Pyle led the pack with 448 votes. Mark Chrislip came in second with 398 votes. This will be Pyle’s fourth term on the Board and Chrislip’s seventh term.  Two newcomers will join Pyle and Chrislip.

Bryan Maring won a seat by finishing third with 370 votes. This was Maring’s third attempt to win a School Board race having fallen short in 2011 and 2013.

“I’m very excited about this opportunity,” Maring stated. “When you can give back to a community that has given my family so much over the last ten years, it’s a wonderful feeling.”

Taking the final position on the School Board is Lynn Reazin. Reazin received 333 votes to claim the final spot.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity,” Reazin said. “There are a lot of challenges ahead for the District and I am excited to be a part of it and help out.”

Reazin served the Eudora Elementary School PTO and spent time on the Eudora Schools Foundation Board before deciding to run for the School Board. Her win also creates an interesting partnership in Eudora as her husband, Tim Reazin has sat on the City Council/Commission since 2007 and currently is the city’s Vice-Mayor.

Kelly Holder received 290 votes in the last and Michael Howard came in at 212.

Voting results are unofficial until the canvas by the Douglas County Clerk’s office which is set for April 16. Once the vote is certified, the new Commissioners will take over at the April 27 City Commission meeting. The new School Board members will take over during the summer.

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