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I owe each and every one of you an apology. For the last several months there has been a definite lack of news on this website about Eudora. I’ve missed the boat on some of things that truly deserved coverage in Eudora. I haven’t put the dedication, time and effort behind this news and information site like I should have. For that, I am truly sorry.

I’m not going to offer excuses or cop outs. I haven’t lived up to the expectations that have come to pass over our 4+ years of making this site the premiere news and information source about our great city. Many of you know that this is not my full time job. I work out of town and that job has consumed much of my life lately along with some personal projects and family matters I need to attend to.

I do want to thank all my advertisers who have stayed by my side and been patient with me while a lot of this has been going on. Not only have I not delivered the news, I have not been in as close contact with them as I prefer. Look at the ads located at the top of the web site and on the left and right hand sides. Frequent these places. Put your money to use here and keep Eudora thriving.

Now, it’s time to get to work. We have an election coming up and over the course of the next week, you will learn about many and hopefully all the candidates for the School Board and City Commission. We will also talk about the proposed sales tax increase and keep you fully informed on the issues surrounding that question.  We also will be doing some features on local businesses, some of which have been going for several months now and not been featured yet. Finally, we will renew our efforts to bring you the breaking news stories that affect the citizens of Eudora.

Again, you have my undying gratitude for sticking with us, with me, through this difficult time. I thank you for coming to this site and following us on Facebook and Twitter. You have my deepest and utmost respect, appreciation and apology for not living up to your expectations.

As Arsenio Hall always used to say: Let’s get busy.

John Schulz

Managaing Editor

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Pull those running shoes out of the closet after a long and snowy winter and get ready for the Wild Over Wellness 5k hosted by the Eudora Lions Club.  It will be held at 8:00 am on Saturday, March 29.  Check in begins at 7:30 am at the new Eudora Public Safety Building, 10th & Main in downtown Eudora.

If you’d rather have a root canal than run 3.2 miles, you can still participate.  Put on your walking shoes and stroll a one mile course or the whole 5k. You can bring your leashed pet, your kids or your baby in a stroller.  You can even ride your bike if you prefer.  And here’s the best part: if you register by March 12, the cost is only $20 (or $25 after that date.)  What’s not to love about this, especially if it’s a nice, sunshiny spring day?  (Neither Eudora Reporter nor the Lions Club is making any guarantees about the weather, especially after the crazy March we’ve had so far.)

Like everything sponsored by the Lions Club, the race is for a good cause.  All proceeds from the event will be used to buy equipment for Eudora’s parks.  After the race there will be a bike rodeo with a helmet giveaway and a health festival with free vision screening.

Register today by calling Audrey Bell at 785-230-2185 or online at www.eudoralionsclub.webs.com.

While we’re on the subject of the Eudora Lions Club, let me tell you a little more about the organization.  Because it’s a quiet, behind-the-scene entity, you might not know about all the good it does in our community, though you have probably enjoyed the annual pancake feed the group puts on each year.

The mission statement of the club is “We serve,” and that is exactly what its members do.  They sponsor Angel Tree and provide food baskets during the holidays.  They collect used bikes and send them to the prison in Leavenworth to be refurbished so they can be given away.  They do eye screening, and even provide eye exams and glasses for those in need.

All of that is done with only about 10 members of the community involved in the club.  When I asked Lions Club member Dr. David Barnhart if they would like to have more members, he said a very emphatic “yes!”  President Tina Jinkins added, “The more the merrier.”  Anyone in the community is welcome to join.

While the club is made up of mostly people in their 30’s and 40’s, Bob Slaper is an exception.  He has been a member of the Eudora Lions Club since October 1955, just four years after the club was founded.  Seems like that might quality for Guinness World Records!Statue5PS1

Slaper feels like the club’s biggest accomplishments have been in getting the Eudora City Cemetery directory completed and put in place in 2005 and in getting the statue of Pascal Fish and his daughter Eudora installed downtown in 2007.  “The statue was the biggest project we ever did,” said Slaper.

If you would like to know more about the Eudora Lions Club or how to become a part of this worthy organization, contact president Tina Jinkins at tmjinkins@gmail.com or Brian Nyp at 785-691-6417.

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This year is one of those years when Eudora High School Football and Halloween collide on the same night.  This year, the Eudora High Cardinals will be playing their final regular season game in Baldwin City against the Baldwin City Bulldogs. Traditionally, Eudora has always had a good turnout for trick or treaters.

We ave already received questions from some football fans asking if trick or treating will be moved to a different night. There has been precedent for this in the past.  Approximately 10 years ago trick or treating was moved one night because Police and the City Council of the era were concerned about traffic in town due to a playoff game and the possibility of young children in the streets with all the cars. Eudora made national headlines for making the switch due to a high school football game.

This year, there will be no traffic in town due to a football game. Because it’s not an in city event, the City Commission has no real jurisdiction on moving Halloween trick or treating. There is not a safety issue involved. There are no official sponsors or governing organizations over trick or treating and Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horsemen are unavailable for comment on the topic.

So, we thought it would be interesting to find out what the citizens of Eudora and the readers of Eudorareporter.com think on the topic. We have put a poll question up on our website (in the left hand column): Do you think that Halloween should be moved because of the football game?

Let’s see what the citizens think about this. Our poll will be open until Sunday Oct. 13 and we will report on the results on Monday Oct. 14.

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Fire crews

Because Eudorareporter.com is a small operation, many times we are not on the scene during an emergency situation.  Usually, we are there in the final wrap-up stages or covering events with conversations and interviews after the event is long done.  With the time and location of the house fire that occurred on Sunday morning in Eudora, I had the opportunity to watch much of the scene unfold.

With the privilege of closer access, I observed firefighters and EMS personnel from five different jurisdictions work together in extinguishing the flames.  While the crews have occasionally cross trained together or worked other past incidents jointly, it was amazing to watch all the crews and at least three different Chiefs come together in the common goal of putting out the fire. Every one of them did a magnificent job of working together and cooperating.  I have heard rumors of not so good relationships particularly between the Township and the City in days gone by. To date, I have seen no evidence to substantiate those rumors and there was certainly no evidence of it for over four hours putting out this fire. This supposed “bad blood” between the organizations, may be as non existent as a modern day Hatfield-McCoy feud.  It could have been true a long time ago, but it sure is not evident now.  If someone saw the spirit of teamwork that occurred on Church Street on a Sunday morning when most of these men and women would much rather have been at church, at the pool, or doing whatever with family and friends, they would agree.

The other amazing and more important thing, was that these men and women ran into a burning building, putting themselves at risk and doing so in very humid conditions.   I watched as crews worked hard to put out the remnants of the fire and not knowing if the floor they were standing on would collapse underneath them or the roof above them would fall in on them. While experience, training and leadership teach them how to stay safe, no one can predict every event.  I was standing across the street dressed in normal clothes and I was sweating to beat all.  I could not imagine putting on pounds of gear and clothing and then running into a building that in all likelyhood was a couple hundred degrees. I’m amazed they only five have heat related health issues. And, oh yeah, they do it for practically nothing.  Most of them are engineers, IT computer guys, accountants or one of a variety of different jobs and all came together to do one thing: help somebody in need.  Sunday mornings activities were nothing special, extraordinary or unusual, unless you realize that what  they did on a humid warm July Sunday morning, and what the have done numerous times before, is special, extraordinary and unusual.

Until you see it up close and personal from feet away, you don’t get a sense of how courageous the job they do is.  All firefighters and especially local volunteer departments across the country should be applauded and celebrated for what they do. A special salute goes out to the men and women of  the Eudora Fire Department, Eudora Township, Wakarusa Township, Lawrence and Baldwin City Departments who spent easily half of their day off from a normal job to take care of this situation.

Did I mention they get enough money to buy a hamburger for doing what they do.  They probably wouldn’t be able to pay for the cheese on it either and don’t even think about fries. Yea, that take a special person.

John Schulz

Managing Editor



The opinions expressed in this editorial are the views of the Managing Editor and not necessarily the opinions of the staff or advertisers of eudorareporter.com.


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One of the stranger phenomenon’s that I have seen in my 2 1/2 years of covering Eudora is going on right now. There seems to be extreme apathy in regards to tomorrow’s election (yes, tomorrow is Election Day!)

For all three previous elections I have covered, voter interest in the candidates was prevalent.  People seemed concerned about who the candidates were and interested in their stances on various issues. You would talk to  shop keepers in town and their customers were always talking about it.  This time around, no one is talking about the election.  I lost count of the number of times, when talking to those business owners and various citizens in Eudora, they have said “Oh there’s an election coming up?”

This election is important for the very fact that the members we elect to the School Board and the City Commission will be making a determination on who the future day to day leader of the School District and City staff is.  The last time the groups made this decision they both selected good choices in Don Grosdidier and John Harrenstein. Both those groups have had some changeover since those decisions.  Now, each body will be finding the replacements for those individuals. If they make the wrong choice, our future could be and likely will be greatly impacted.  It is every citizens right and duty to get out and vote for their elected officials.

We want to provide you some links in order to assist citizens in making their choices.   You can click on the names below for the candidates that filled out profiles specifically for Eudorareporter.com.  All candidates for each body were requested to fill out answers to the exact same questions.

Candidate Profiles:

City Council (you will vote for no more than two City Commissioners)

Jolene Born     Scott Hopson      Tim Reazin (did not submit profile)        Jerry Trober (did not submit profile)

School Board (you will vote for no more than three School Board members)

Joe Hurla        Mike Kelso      Bryan Maring      Eric Votaw

You can also gain some insight about the candidates from our stories on the Candidate fourm we held a few weeks ago:

School Board Candidate Forum 

City Commission Candidate Forum

Voting Precinct map:   If you wish to know what precinct you are in, you can click  HERE  for a PDF version of the map for Eudora.

Voting Locations:

North Eudora – Eudora City Hall, 4 E. 7th Street

Central Eudora – Eudora Rec Center, 1638 Elm Street

West Eudora – Eudora Church of Christ, 1530 Winchester Rd.

South Eudora – Eudora Township Fire Station – 310 E. 20th St.

The Polls will be open from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

We will have complete results Tuesday evening and have reaction from the candidates following the tally of the votes.

As a rule, we do not endorse any candidate.  It should be up to the individual voters to decide who they think is the best to govern their City and School Board. Voters need to be informed and, most importantly, they need to show up to the polls.

In a small municipal election like this, every vote counts.  Ask Commissioner John Fiore about that.  Fiore gained a seat on the board by a margin of only 13 votes two years ago.  In that election, only about 500 voters turned out and that election was highly anticipated.  A local election impacts you more than any national or state race by far. These people decide what your property taxes are and handle the chore of deciding what happens in our schools and city regularly. Stand up and be counted. Let your voice be heard.

– John Schulz

Managing Editor


The views expressed in this editorial are the views of the Managing Editor only and do no necessarily reflect the views of the staff or advertisers of Eudorareporter.com. Opposing views on this or any editorial are always welcomed.

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