K-10_Church_Street_ Car_fireFirefighters put out a car fire at the K-10 and Church Street off ramp during rush hour Tuesday afternoon (photo by Eudorareporter.com Managing Editor John Schulz)

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Commuters on their way home to Eudora Tuesday evening experienced delays trying to exit off K-10. A Volkswagon Beetle caught fire on the eastbound exit ramp from K-10 at Church Street.

Bre Miller, the driver of the vehicle was returning to Eudora from Wichita when the car started smoking at the intersection.

“It just overheated and died at the top of the ramp,” Miller said.  “I had some trouble in the past with the temperature, but we thought we fixed the fans.”

Eudora Police Sgt. Tom Willis, who was off duty at the time, just happened to be close behind and immediately offered assistance and called fire officials to the scene.

Crews from the Eudora Fire Department quickly put out the fire which was mainly confined to the engine compartment. While crews were on scene, traffic across the bridge over K-10 was limited to one lane, causing some extended waits to get through the intersection.

Miller, who was not injured in the car fire, said she jumped out of the car when it began smoking and lifted the hood but let it go when she started seeing flames.

“I was good until I got out of the car and then it hit me and I got scared,” Miller said.

Crews remained on scene until the disabled vehicle was towed out of the intersection.

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