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While officials met inside the Eudora Rec Center to discuss if cable median barriers should be installed on K-10, a group estimated between 50 and 70 people gathered outside to hold a candlelight vigil in support of the cause.

The group was led by Ali and Thomas Shutt, parents of Cainan Shutt, the 5-year-old boy killed in a crossover accident on K-10 in April.

Ali Shutt, expressed her unhappiness with her perceived lack of substantive results from the meeting.

“Dragging this out for months on end is unacceptable” Shutt said. “We don’t have the time. People’s lives are at risk out there. My son died on a dangerous highway and they don’t care to fix it now. They want to wait and drag it out and that is not acceptable.”

Shutt stated she and others plan on being at every meeting in the future to keep pushing for cable barriers along the K-10 corridor. “Time is not going to stop us.”



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One Response to Candlelight vigil held to support cable median barriers

  • Ms. Shutt’s attitude isnt going to get her anywhere. She needs to be un-biased in her approach to the state. Also, seems like she is trying the threaten KDOT into putting up cables. KDOTS report seems pretty darn clear to me. So I dont see why people keep pushing this b.s on everybody. The state has spoken!