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With Election Day coming on Tuesday, we want to make sure you have as much knowledge as possible to make an informed decision about the people who will govern your town and run your School District.  Below are links to all the profiles that we were provided with.  You can click on the picture or the candidate to read the profile.

City Commission Candidates

Tim Bruce
Tim Bruce
Justin Eddings
Justin Eddings
Chris Fiedler
Ruth Hughs
Ruth Hughs
Marian Nelson
Maria Nelson

Voters will be selecting three candidates for the City Commission.

School Board Candidates

Mark Chrislip
Mark Chrislip
Kelly HolderKelly Holder
Person Outline
Michael Howard
(no profile provided)
Bryan Maring
Person OutlineJoe Pyle
(no picture provided. Click to read profile)
Lynn Reazin
Lynn Reazin

Voters will be selecting four candidates for the School Board.

Also on the ballot is a question to raise the sales tax.

Shall a retailers’ sales tax in the amount of three-quarters of one percent (0.75%) be levied in the City of Eudora, Kansas, for the purposes of generating revenue needed to provide an effective level of public services within the City, to improve, construct, equip and maintain the public fitness and aquatic facilities including but not limited to sports parks, indoor and outdoor/fitness trails, and to provide funding for other capital expenditures.  

 A Yes vote authorizes the increase in the sales tax. A No vote does not authorize the increase.

Polls will be open from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Tuesday.

West Eudora (Precinct 50) will vote at the Eudora Church of Christ – 1530 Winchester Road

North Eudora (Precinct 52) will vote at Eudora City Hall – 4 East 7th Street

South Eudora (Precinct 53) will vote at the Eudora Township Fire Station – 310 East 20th Street

Central Eudora (Precinct 54) will vote at the Eudora Rec Center – 1638 Elm Street

Remember, to vote in the election, you will need to show a picture ID per Kansas law.

We will have complete election coverage Tuesday night after the polls close and the ballots are counted.

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