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Yesterday, we mentioned in our candidate update story that Jolene Born had filed for the City Commission race.  We wanted to find out some more information about Born since she is a relative newcomer to Eudora politics.

Born has been a resident of Eudora for three years.  She currently is employed in the Public/Social Services field which she has done for 15 years.  She also is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

When asked about why she threw her hat in the ring she talked about how she has always wanted to get involved.

“I was going to wait a few years to do this,” Born told us, “but I felt now was the right time.”

Born said she read the article we published last week about a lack of candidates and that was one of the things that motivated her to enter the race.   Born added that while she is a newcomer to the political arena, she has a fresh attitude and is ready to go.

When asked about what areas interest her most as a potential Commissioner, Born said she wanted to look at the cities finances to make sure that they are being properly handled and is interested in making sure the business community in Eudora grows.

“I want to know why we are losing businesses in Eudora,” Born said.

Currently, two seats are up for election on the City Commission.  Jerry Trober Sr., a long time resident of Eudora and Born are, so far, the only candidates.  We will continue to follow who decided to enter the race for City Commission.  The filing deadline is Noon Tuesday.

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