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We wanted to update you on some news and notes about various businesses in the area.

First, to not many citizens surprise, Mexquisito’s Mexican restaurant has closed their doors in Eudora.  A For Lease sign went up a few weeks ago. The restaurant enjoyed early success,  but in conversations we had with many people who tried it out, many were unhappy with the menu fare and the fact that they charged for chips and salsa which is free at most Mexican eateries.   The end of Mexquisito’s could be predicted pretty easily when we observed the lack of cars in front of the building over the past few months.

For those that thirsting for beer (and mead), we talked last week with John Randtke and James Hightree, co-owners of Wakarusa Brwery about their potential opening downtown.  Randtke said a multitude of factors have delayed the opening of the brewery but plans are still in the works. Randtke and Hightree have been making some progress in redoing the building both inside and out but they had to extend the timetable for opening up.

“A lot of it has to do with my full time job being so busy of late and that I haven’t sold a piece of property that is a core component of the financing,” Randtke told us.

The pair has been working hard on interior portions and recently did a lot of needed patchwork to the exterior as well.  The new timetable for the tasting room portion has been moved back to Spring 2014. We will continue to follow the progress with parched lips in anticipation.

Finally, the good folks at McDonald’s in De Soto are finally ready to open up after a complete tear down and rebuilding of the golden arches at K-10 and Lexington Ave. While, yes this is sadly not in Eudora, it serves many a Eudora patron as they head to or from KC on K-10. The new McDonald’s will officially open for business at 12:01 AM Thursday morning (just in case you get that late night craving for a Big Mac).

“If customers are in a hurry to get to work in the morning or coming home and can’t stop inside for their favorite McDonald’s meal, the restaurants has side by side double drive thru, making it even faster and easier for our customers,” said Michael Dobski, the McDonald’s owner/operator said about the new home for Ronald.  “The current restaurant was 22 years old, and definitely needed to be upgraded. We are very excited to bring this new look to De Soto.”

According to a press release from McDonald’s of De Soto, the drive thru will now be open 24 hours a day as well.  I don’t know about you, but I’m lovin’ it.

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2 Responses to Business news and notes

  • I hope the next incarnation of the restaurant formerly known as Annabelle’s is a chicken and waffles joint. That’s what this town needs!

    • I must say, I really liked MexiQuisito and am very sad they are gone. I do hope we can sustain a different restaurant to go in that space…