Rep. Anthony Brown (R-Eudora)

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Republicans in Douglas and Leavenworth County spoke loud and clear on Tuesday in their choice for a candidate from the 3rd Senate District in Kansas. Anthony Brown won with 68% of the vote 3,111 against J.C. Tellefson’s 1,434.

“It was a good old fashioned butt whooping,” Tellefson said. “I’m very disappointed. I think I had the best chance at beating Tom Holland. My message obviously did not resonate with the voters.”

Brown, who attended festivities at the Republican Initiative offices in Lawrence, was happy with the outcome.

“Obviously, it was a very good night.  I am really excited about the outcome of all the elections in the state,” Brown said.

Brown did have good words about his opponent.

“I really want to congratulate J.C. fora great campaign. He was focused on the issues and did not get into gutter politics.”

Brown will now take on incumbent Senator Tom Holland. Holland is looking for a second term as Senator.

“We need to reunite the Republican party and have a good solid campaign talking about the issues including jobs, reform of state government and the state budget.”

Tellefson, who now plans to focus on caring for an older family member, may be in the mood for some travel also.

“I may have not won the Super Bowl, but I’m just gonna go to Disneyland,” Tellefson said.

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