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Earlier this week, Senator Tom Holland’s campaign sent mailers to voters and press releases to the media with quotes from Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson claiming Holland was the only one willing to help in the effort to get cable median barriers installed on K-10 and attempt to get K-10 designated as a safety corridor.

Representative Anthony Brown, who is Holland’s opponent for the Senatorial seat in the 3rd District, disagrees with those claims.

“While Senator Holland introduced the Senate version of the safety corridor bill, I was was working the House side,” Brown said.  “I was lobbying the governor’s office trying to get this passed.”

While the Senate version of the bill passed, the House bill died in committee.

“The reason it died in committee was lack of interest,” Brown stated. “While the Mayor came to Topeka to testify before the Senate committee, he did not come to testify before the House committee.  The House committee members did not act because no official from Eudora came to the hearings.”

Brown also says that the Mayor’s claims that “We made numerous phone calls to our local elected state representatives” are erroneous.

“To the best of my knowledge, I never received any phone call from the Mayor at my home or on my cell phone about the cables or the safety corridor bill.”

Brown stated that while Hopson and City Administrator John Harrenstein did attempt to see him while they were in Topeka for the Senate hearings, Brown said he was in other meetings in the Capitol and was not able to meet with them at that time.

Brown did provide a copy of a text conversation that occurred between Brown’s wife Susie and Jodi Jackson. Jackson was one of the four women who created the Facebook page that kept the issue of cable median barriers in the public eye.  Hopson’s wife Tina was also involved in the Facebook group. (

In the conversation dated April 19, 2011, Brown’s wife gave Jackson Anthony’s cell phone number and email address. Brown’s wife stated in that conversation that “He doesn’t have a decision directly in this, but definitely can facilitate contacts and direction to KDOT.”

Brown also provided a letter sent to him by Secretary of Transportation Mike King from July of 2012, where King updated the progress of the project.

“I am aware of your strong support for the construction of cable barriers in the median of Kansas Highway 10 in Douglas and Johnson Counties,” King said in the letter.  Later in the letter, King added that “Your support and advocacy in your community has been indispensable.”

The push for cable median barriers on K-10 began after a crossover accident took the life 5-year-old Cainan Shutt on K-10 on April 16, 2011.




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7 Responses to Brown refutes claims by Mayor about cable barrier assistance

  • Assistance is spelled incorrectly in the headline and the date of the accident that took Cainan’s life was on April 16th, not the 15th.

  • Having known Mr. Brown and “Eudora mayor Scott Hopson” for years, I didn’t for one minute believe the rhetoric delivered from the Eudora mayor. Although Mr. Brown and I do not share the same political views in many areas, he is an upstanding person in my opinion. As for Mr. Hopson …….Well, it’s been a while since such a narcissistic blow hard has taken so much credit for so little achievement.

  • Thank you for posting both sides John!

  • O,Boy Here we go with all the news thats fit to print. Tell ya what, anyone can go and take a picture of themselves ” viewing the construction on K-10 ” Does not mean they had a hill of beans to do with it. If I was Tommy Holland I would of been a bit more selective of who was publicized on my behalf. Prior to the mailer received there was a shade of gray with regards to my opinion towards Holland, But seeing who else supports him sheds a lot of light towards his character.
    To capitalize on the death of an innocent child in order to gain and sway public trust and use cumminity grief to obtain a goal is sick ! Both these guys are media hogs and love to scream and shout ” look at me, look at me ” while they simply stand by the action of others and try to somehow make others believe they are involved in it and had something to do with it. Heck, Hopson is great at doing that. Ask anyone involved with the city.. O wait, you can’t ! THEY ARE ALL LEAVING !!!!!
    I am sure folks on both sides are about to go to town on my post.. and some will say ” why ya hiding behind a blog name or something to that effect I am sure. My answer, Because I can and I should not have to be concerned with those of you that take it personally, and are unable to let it go as one persons opinion or view. I dont need local john or jane flipping me the bird because I want to speak as well. And yes that happens and then it gets nothing but ugly from there : )

  • Well said left or right !!

  • I have testified numerous times in Topeka regarding health care legislation to reduce health premiums and increase options for Kansans. I have observed proudly as my Representative, Anthony Brown, took action in committees and on the house floor, asking touch questions and fighting for fiscal responsibility with state spending while protecting Kansans from government over-reach. He cares about keeping more money in Kansans pockets and only spending on necessary improvements and programs as outlined in the constitution. Though I have been a Eudora resident for 38 years, I lost Anthony Brown as my representative due to redistricting. But this is a blessing since he can have even more influence in the senate. I can’t vote for Anthony for Senator but I urge all of you who can to support him…for the sake of all Kansans.