Story by Andy Marso 

Rep. Anthony Brown, R-Eudora, voted “no” on a bill to create a new crossbow hunting season Tuesday.

But by the time he returned to the House chamber for final action on the bill Wednesday, a good-sized doe and “substantial” damage to his pickup truck had changed his mind.

Brown said he collided with the deer in Douglas County on his way home Tuesday evening.

“The deputy who was working said it was the second deer-related accident he’d been at that night,” Brown said Wednesday after switching his vote.

The bill, which would allow crossbow hunting for deer, antelope, elk and wild turkey, was originally written to apply only to people with disabilities that make it difficult for them to use traditional long bows or compound bows. But the version that passed 101-22 Wednesday had been expanded to include all hunters, disabled or not.

The bill will now move to the Senate. If it becomes law, the number of crossbow permits to be issued and the time of year for crossbow hunting to be allowed would be determined by the secretary of wildlife and parks.

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3 Responses to Brown changes vote on bow hunting

  • So he votes no when it doesn’t personally affect him, until it does, so he changes his mind…I don’t like this guy

  • Or it could be that, like most people we tend to need to see to believe. I for one would think maybe I had made a mistake, and like to alter my vote.

    • In a conversation I had with Brown on Friday evening, he indicated that he didn’t change his vote because he got hit. He stated he changed his vote because in his discussion with the Patrolman who worked the accident, the patrolman stated that was the second accident that night of car vs. deer he had worked. He asked the patrolman if car vs. deer accidents were becoming worse and the patrolman said “most definitely”. According to Brown, that’s what made him change his mind.