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UPDATED: Friday 5:00AM

K-10 opened to traffic around 10:30PM Thursday night after law enforcement cleared the scene of the accident involving a cement truck.


Still no time table for when K-10 will be open.  Police are still directing traffic at this late hour to assist with flow of traffic through town. Minor delays are still occurring, though with a lower volume of traffic, the delays are obviously lesser.


K-10 highway continues to be closed in both directions at Eudora due to an accident that occurred around 4:00PM Thursday afternoon.

According to Kansas Department of Transportation spokesperson Kimberly Qualls, the highway will remain closed for several more hours.  Law enforcement officials are now conducting a reconstruction investigation of the rollover incident that occurred just west of the Church Street exit.

Westbound K-10 traffic is being detoured off at Church Street.  Eastbound K-10 traffic is being diverted at Peach Orchard Road (1900 Road).

Unconfirmed reports are that the driver of the cement mixer was headed eastbound and entered the median. An unnamed source working the accident  said that the cement truck was about to enter the eastbound lanes when the driver threw the wheel hard to right to avoid an oncoming vehicle, causing the rollover accident.

The driver of the truck was said to have sustained critical injuries and was transported to a regional trauma center.

With a large volume of traffic being diverted through the city, expect delays at all major intersections.  Police are directing traffic at multiple locations to ease the flow of traffic.

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4 Responses to K-10 Now open after cement truck accident

  • When oh when are we going to get those cables that are already all over Oklahoma & Texas????????

  • This single-car accident was going to happen regardless of cables being there or not.

  • Amen Jim. Cables arent going to keep a tire from blowing out. The grass median did just what it is menat to do yesterday. I would like to hear any information regarding emergency response time for any emergency on divided restricted access highways without cables, vs limited access divided highways like k 10 with cables. Anyone with any common sense has to be able to see a problem and a slower emergency response.

  • The truck blew a tire and was headed for the other side and the driver had to maneuver to keep from hitting on coming traffic. He ended up partially covering the westbound lanes. We were lucky he did not hit anyone on the westbound side.