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The Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF)  began work Monday morning on the railroad tracks that run Eudora near 5th street. The railroad was originally scheduled to conduct maintenance testing of the tracks last Thursday but delayed the plans due to inclement weather.

The tracks were closed at 7:00 AM Monday morning and will be closed until 5:00 PM Tuesday evening.

According to Public Works Director Mike Hutto, the testing was supposed to be completed by 5:00 PM Monday, but BNSF discovered a low spot in the tracks that will cause them to have to raise the tracks six more inches.

“With the track that high, there is not way cars will be able to get across it, so we are going to have to repave the road leading up to those tracks and do it the right way,” Hutto said.

Hutto said that a paving crew will be brought in later this afternoon to do the necessary paving work and he stated that the road will be open no later than 5:00 PM Tuesday. He stated he hoped to have it open quicker than that, but could not guarantee the exact time of reopening.

In the mean time, if your wanting to go north out of Eudora, your only options are to head west down 10th Street (Old K-10) out to East 2000 Road and take that north to N 1500 Road. You can then take N 1500 Road back east over to 2172 Road which is Leavenworth County Road 1 once it reaches the county line. A word of warning though, E 2000 Road and N 1500 Road are gravel roads and not for the faint of heart and low profile vehicles. Your other options are go to De Soto and cross the river at De Soto or go through Lawrence, whose city color should be changed to orange to match all the barrels on the streets there.

To add a little more confusion to the mix, the light up sign that the railroad posted by the tracks in Eudora over the weekend stated in error that work would begin 7/16.  The roadwork began today.

Anyone else have the phrase “can’t get there from here” on their minds? Me too.

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