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Eudora Parks and Rec wants to help you get healthier in 2014.  A new 8-week program at the Eudora Community Center called “Healthy Lifestyles” begins on January 22.

Here’s how it works:  Form a 4-person team with some of your friends or family members and then show up at the Community Center, 1630 Elm, from 6:00-6:30 on eight consecutive Wednesday nights from January 22 to March 12.  The first night is for health screening and goal setting.  On the following evenings there will be short educational programs dealing with subjects pertinent to your health like nutrition, healthy snacking, label reading at the grocery store and exercise.  There will be another health screening toward the end of the program so that you can see your progress.

It will be fun and motivating because you’ll be with friends.  It won’t eat up a great deal of your time because each session is only 30 minutes, and it costs just $5/person for the whole program.  You could end up being on the road to a much healthier lifestyle in eight weeks!  What more could you want?

Register for Healthy Lifestyles at the Community Building by Monday, January 20.  Questions?  Contact Gary Scott at 542-3434 or

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