Football practice begins this coming Monday. With the beginning of the football season comes a new stadium for Eudora High School. took a look at the site on Friday and construction is well on it’s way and looks to be ready for the start of the season.

The Eudora School District has a virtual tour of the stadium. If you haven’t been by the complex yet, you can click on the video Link below to see what it will look like this fall.

Eudora Stadium Video Link

For all the kids getting ready for practice, let’s hope the heat breaks before practice starts next week. Go Cardinals!

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2 Responses to Are you ready for some Football!

  • What about the other sport(s) that will use this district stadium. According to my count there are more varsity soccer games scheduled than varsity football games.

  • That is correct. Tack and field will also be using the stadium as well. Soccer will be the first scheduled sporting event at the stadium a week from Tuesday (8/31). – JS