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11:00AM Update:  We filed our story in the late evening hours on Sunday and Monday morning, as our story appeared, we learned that Bryan Maring has filed for a seat on the Eudora School Board.  This brings us to 2 filed candidates and two additional candidates who will file.

Original Story:

It seems like we just cleared the decks from the general election in 2012, and it’s already time to focus on the local elections for 2013.  This spring citizens in Eudora will once again head to the polls to determine who will lead the city of Eudora and the Eudora School District.

While their may not be the intrigue and heated campaigning that went on back in September leading up to November, this election will likely be more important as the people who sit on the City Commission and School Board make much more of an impact on our daily lives.

This year, voters will be asked to fill two City Commission seats.  The terms of Council/Commission members Bill Witten and Tim Reazin expire in April.  Whitten has stated numerous times that he will not run for reelection.  Reazin has not responded to requests for an answer to the question if he will run or not.

Another possible wildcard this year is Mayor Scott Hopson. With the form of government change that was approved by the voters last November, the Mayor’s job is no longer an elected office and will be filled by one of the sitting Commissioners.  This means if Hopson wishes to stay involved in city government, he would have to run for City Commission.  We finally reached Hopson late Sunday and in an extremely brief interview, Hopson told us that he has not made a decision about possibly running for a Commissioner seat.

No one has filed to run for a Commissioner seat as of Friday afternoon.  The deadline to file for the election is Noon, Tuesday January 22. Right now, it’s a wide open race for whoever wants to decide the course of Eudora for the next four years.

For anyone interested in running for City Commission, they need to file the paperwork with the Eudora City Clerk and either pay the $10 filing fee or, in lieu of the fee, have a petition signed by at least four registered voters in the City of Eudora.  If going the petition route instead of the fee, it is recommended that you have at least 5 signatures on the ballot and it must be filed no later than January 17 so that the signatures can be verified.

For the School Board, the incumbents at least seem to be interested in running for their seats. Eric Votaw, Mike Kelso and Joe Hurla are the three members who’s terms are up.  Votaw has already filed the paperwork for the 2013 campaign and both Kelso and Hurla have indicated that the intend to file prior to the deadline.  No other candidates have filed for the School Board.

School Board candidates file with the Douglas County Clerk’s Office.  The cost to file for the School Board is only $5 or you can also take the petition route, but you need to contact the County Clerk to find out how many signatures are required.

The election for the local races will be held on April 2.  If a primary is needed, and we are no where close to having the required number of candidates needed for a primary, it would be held on February 26.

The question is has apathy set in? Two years ago, we had three seats on the City Council and 5 seats on the School Board up for a vote.  In that election, there were 6 candidates for both boards.  We also had reports of several people discussing the idea, but never followed through and ran in that race.  This time around, we have only 1 candidate who has filed and 2 who say that they will file. The few whispers of names that we have heard have either been unreachable or flatly denied that they are candidates for the race.

As of right now, we could have two open seats on the Eudora City Commission.  The next 15 days could be interesting to see who, if anyone, steps up to the plate to serve the voters.

P.S.  If you decide to run, a heads up email to is always appreciated.  We will keep all our readers up to date with who files for the races as we get closer to the deadline.

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