Fresh off his win in the election on November 2, Anthony Brown, the Representative for the 38th District in the the Kansas House, has announced that he will run for Speaker Pro Tem of the House of Representatives.

The Speaker Pro Tem is the third in line in the House of Representatives behind the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader.

“The voters gave us a mandate to lower taxes and cut spending last week and to reduce the tax burden” Brown said. “I feel I can fill that post better than anyone.”

In a statement on Brown’s Facebook page, he stated “I am asking our Republican friends in the House to make a very tough choice between me and some other very good members.  One thing that does carry over is both voters in the district I represent and the folks in the House like my…frankness and willing to answer questions, regardless of their own views.”

According to Brown, so far 6 candidates have shown interest in the Speak Pro Tem post. House elections will take place on December 6.

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