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Drivers through downtown Saturday morning had to contend with an accident that occurred at the intersection of 8th and Main Streets.  A red Chevy vehicle attempted to cross Main Street to the east when it was hit in the passenger side by an oncoming Ford truck from the south.  The accident was a low speed accident and neither vehicles air bags were deployed. The occupants of both the truck and the passenger car were not injured.

Roberta Lehmann, owner of Hair, Nail and Tanning Salon which is located at 8th and Main Streets,  was in her shop working when the accident occurred shortly after 9:00 AM.

“We heard a big boom and went to the window to look,” Lehmann said. “We thought it was some type of explosion it was that loud.”

As is standard procedure for most incidents, Fire, EMS and both Eudora Police and Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies were on scene to investigate the accident.

The two occupants of the passenger car were able to drive their vehicle to their nearby residence. The older couple who were riding in the truck needed towing assistance to remove the truck from the scene.  According to Eudora Police, the driver of the passenger car was cited for failing to stop. The accident scene was cleared shortly after 10:00 AM.

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