We are on a mission from God” – Jake & Elwood Blues  a.k.a. The Blues Brothers

Here at EudoraReporter.com our mission is simple:

      – Bring the news stories of note to the citizens of Eudora and the people that care about our fair city.

– Feature events, happenings, and the people that make Eudora one of the best communities in Kansas.

– Give everyone a one stop guide for places, events, and what’s happening around town.

– When needed and where appropriate, give editorial comment on the news and information.

This site will feature both the good and bad going on in town. We will be a watchdog when needed. We will be supportive of groups, individuals and business. We have no political agenda other than what’s best for the city.

Comments are allowed on all stories posted here and we encourage those comments. To be truly “fair and balanced”, opinions should come from all avenues. We want the citizens, past or present, and the people interested in this great city to take an active role in our community.

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