Anyone is allowed to post comments on this website on any story that is posted.

We will not censor any comment unless one of the following violations occur:

– Inappropriate language

– Slurs including, but not limited to ethnicity or religion against a group or individual

– Spam

– Advertisements for websites or products that have not be approved by the sales persons and the owner

– Any comment that would accuse an individual of a crime without being charged for that crime

– Any comment against a specific individual that could be considered objectionable.


The editorial staff and owner of and Eudora Reporter LLC reserve the right to make decisions in regards to any comment and can, at their discretion, delete any comment or comments for any and/or all the above described reason or reasons.

The editorial staff and the owner can change the conditions or violation policy at the discretion of said staff at any time.  A notice of any policy change will be posted in the main story section of

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