442 Road FirePhoto of fire along Douglas County Road 442 Sunday evening (photo courtesy city of Eudora)

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An old abandon house burned to the ground Sunday evening on Douglas County Road 442 (Old K-10) just west of East 1850 Road.

According to Douglas County Sheriff’s officials on scene, the house had been abandoned for nearly 30 years and was well covered in a stand of trees on the south side of the road.

Crews from around the area including Eudora, Eudora Township, Wakarusa, Lawrence worked on containing the flames. Pumper trucks from both Douglas and Johnson Counties were brought in to truck water to the remote location from the west side of Eudora.

Fire crews had the fire contained to the basement within 30 minutes.  Firefighters were having a some problems completely extinguishing the last remnants of what had fallen into the basement. The basement was only accessible from above ground level.

There was no word yet on how the fire started.

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4 Responses to Abandon house on old K-10 destroyed in fire

  • We passed that house on our way to Lawrence. There was an older white Chevy pickup parked in the drive way. No fire at that time…was around 5:00 pm.

    • I too drove by the property around 4:45 coming back from Lawrence and noticed a older model full size white truck by the property and like you said no fire at that time.

  • This house was owned by the Martin family for many decades. It has been abandoned since at least the 1970s.

  • I’ve passed that so many times and have heard the woodwork used to be amazing in that house …sad to hear it never was purchased and taken care of.