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“There are a thousand stories in the Naked City and this is just one of them”  (The opening line of The Naked City television show…1958)

Actually, this is the 1000 story in the history of When we started this site nearly 3 years ago (1004 days ago to be precise), our goal was simple: Bring the news and information to the citizens of Eudora without bias, misrepresentation or an agenda. We have tried to fulfill that mission with the previous 999 stories. While we haven’t been perfect in that mission every time, we strive to achieve that goal as much as possible.  We’ve made a few errors and omissions along the way. We have had a typo or two (or more likely a 1,000 of them) and the grammar police love to monitor our site as well.  We have tried to bring you a new story each and every day. (We missed that average mark by three stories….refer to the not perfect comments above.)

On a personal note, I must say I have been extremely fortunate, even privileged, to have a front row seat for many momentous occasions in this city’ s history. I watched as then Governor Parkinson proclaim Eudora as a city of the 2nd class. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk to United States Congress members, State Senators and Representatives and two sitting Governors. I also have had the opportunity to meet people who are or were just as great that live right here in Eudora.   I had the most interesting interview with Kansas Music Hall of Fame member Jimmy Wilson (trust me….that was a fun interview and if you can get the chance to talk to him, by all means take that opportunity) and I sat and talked to Bryan Jobe a few days before Christmas about his battle with kidney failure and for life, a battle he tragically lost 9 months later.

I was there to watch a young mother weep for her 5-year-old child who was killed on K-10.  I also got to see her and her family fight to try and protect others from having the same nightmare happen to them and the smile on her face when that fight was successful.

When someone says being a news reporter is cool, there is no doubt about it. There are some really great times to this job. I also unfortunately see the dark side sometimes. It’s great when we can scoop a story about a wrong that needs righting or break a big news event before even our brethren in print, TV and radio can do it. It’s a terrible job when you watch your friends house go up in flames.

There are many days when someone comes up to me and thanks me for the work that we do here.  Then there are the times when the story you publish angers, infuriates or brings to light a situation that a person or official doesn’t want you to print.  You hear about it from them later or even second hand. It’s a job that sucks when you lose friendships or hurt those people you like but you do it because of the responsibility of your job.

People have asked me if I knew what I was getting into when I started this site would I do it again? “You betcha!” Despite the bad times, the feeling, that warm fuzzy feeling if you will, you get inside when some says thanks for what you do makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you to all the readers of  This site and these stories are for you.  If you laugh, you cry, you get mad or get excited over a story we write, then we’ve done our job.

“There’s 8 million stories in the naked city.  This has been one of them.” (The ending line from The  Naked City television show…1958)

Guess I better get busy.  It’s a long way from 1,001 to 8,000,000.

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4 Responses to A Thousand Stories

  • John,
    Great job with this site! Thank you for all the hard work — and all the evenings you have to spend away from your wife and family just to bring us news. Thanks to them too!
    P.S. We have “word police” here too!

  • John
    I also add my thanks. Ignorance is never bliss, it leads to misinformation and frustration. Thank you for your time and effort to keep the people of this CITY informed.

  • You will never please everyone and somebody will always try to correct you. But you have done a great job with this site. Thank you for reporting the news.

  • John, I really like to keep up with the local news, since we no longer have a Eudora paper. It’s great to get on your Eudora Reporter and see things we would have otherwise missed! Keep up the good work!