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Occasionally we receive stories from citizens who have a simple story to tell and want to help get the word out.  This is one of those stories.  Rose House, a former Planning Commissioner and longtime citizen of Eudora sent us the following story to share with all our great readers.

By Rose House

I had surgery recently to repair my septum and some other nasal blockage that has been going on for months. I had my follow up the following week and everything was good. Later that evening, about 5:15, while I was in the bathroom to change clothes, a drop of blood splashed on the carpet. I leaned over the sink and had a huge gush from my nostril and it was so sudden and massive, that it started running down my throat and blocking my airway.

I was home alone and tried for about ten or fifteen minutes to get it stopped, but there was so much in my throat that I had to hang over the toilet with my mouth open to let it drain.  I could tell I had lost a lot of blood and I didn’t know how much you lose before you lose consciousness, so I called 911 from my bathroom phone. (A friend told me years ago to put a phone in the bathroom and I am SOOOO glad I took her advice!)

Eudora EMS was there within minutes and did a quick assessment of the situation and called an ambulance for transport. The bleeding was too extensive and massive for them to do anything about. The whole time, they were so calm and comforting and explained everything they were doing and why. I was beyond scared out of my head and they were awesome. I have never had a reason to use them before, but I will be singing their praises from this day onward. We are so blessed to have such a professional and well-trained EMS team in Eudora. What a giving bunch of volunteers! They put me so much at ease with their take charge attitude and made a very scary experience a whole lot better.

I ended up spending 3 hours in the ER and they couldn’t get the bleeding stopped, so I had emergency surgery at 10pm. As a post script to the story, right before they were getting ready to wheel me into surgery, the power failed and they were on emergency generators, so the doctor had to get permission from the CEO of Lawrence Memorial Hospital to do the surgery because he felt that transporting me to another facility was too dangerous. Right before I got wheeled in, power was restored.

What a night to forget!

(NOTE: Editorial Comment)

We thank not only Rose for sharing her story, but the EMS personnel that likely saved her life. When you wonder where your tax dollars go and you cringe when you see the property tax bill at the end of the year, this is one example of where your money does some tangible good.  The Fire/EMS people that respond to your calls do not get a salary. Personnel are paid $15 when they respond to a call. They don’t do it for the money. They do it, because they want to serve their fellow citizens and help someone in a crisis.

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