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The Annual July 4th celebration will take place at Eudora Middle School, located at 2635 Church Street, on the evening of July 4th. The fireworks should begin at approximately 9:30PM.  The display is expected to last around 20 minutes.  The annual fireworks display is sponsored by the City of Eudora.

According to Gary Scott, Director of the Eudora Parks and Recreation Department,  there will be no food or drink vendors on site for this year’s celebration.  Scott did want to remind everyone to make sure and clean up after themselves in the parking lot following the display.

As a added note for citizens that wish to shoot fireworks off, city statutes allow for use fireworks on July 2,3 and 4 only.  You can legally shoot them off from 7:00AM to 10:00PM on July 2 and 3 and from 7:00AM to midnight on July 4.

(EDITORS NOTE: We incorrectly posted 7:00 PM as opposed to 7:00 AM above. We have corrected this and apologize for the error.)

Per state codes, bottle rockets are not allowed at any time, including during the Independence holidays.   The Eudora Police and Fire Departments urge prudent use and careful supervision when discharging any fireworks during the time periods when fireworks are allowed.  While personal safety is always important, extra care should be given this year with our extremely hot and dry weather of the last few weeks.  We checked with the Fire Department and, as of the moment, there are no burn bans or restrictions in place due to climate conditions.

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13 Responses to 4th of July celebration – 2012

  • Have the time restrictions for shooting off fireworks always been in place? This is just my 2nd year here, but I don’t recall hearing about it last year, and my neighborhood definitely wasn’t observing it.

    • Yes the restrictions were in place last year also. We talked to the EPD last year abut this very topic when we wrote the story for 2011. I don’t have the information on when it was enacted.- JS

  • Are u sure that it’s the second cause it was the 1st last year

  • We have lived here for many years, our kids all grew up here and it seems that the restrictions have never been enforced. We have learned to dislike the Fireworks since living in Eudora do to the fact some of the people living here have no respect for people, property and pets here. Our pets are terrified of the fireworks and the random shooting off of them any time of the year for persons pleasure.. IE; Gee your team just won a game. Or you are haven a party at your home. Shooting them off any day, any time of the year.
    ON the 4th We are unable to leave our home because we must stay a babysit our yard and home because of the rouge fireworks that land on our home and in our back yard and trees. How much fun can that be?. It took a celebration away from our family. I am sure we are not the only ones in town that feel this way. We used to go and enjoy the times. Until it got out of hand! I for one would be very happy if they joined the forces and band the fireworks’ in town. Aside from some people have to go to work in the morning all week and with the fireworks going off all night long all week .. makes a hard week at work.

  • I agree with Robin for the most part, I dont think they should be banned per se, but controlled more somehow yes! My husband always has to get up and go to work on the 5th at 4:30 and enjoying everyone elses going off all night is just miserable.. Our dog does not want to go outside the week before and is terrified for about a week later.. The mess that is left in the streets is horrible, it looks like we have been in a war, and very hard to drive around, most people are not even considerate enough to stop to let you pass on the street.. I think if 100% would adhere to the ordinance it could be a lot better.. Either that are lose their privilege of having them at all, which would hurt the revenue brought in to so many in our township, especially the ball teams.. One of the biggest things that urks me terribly is folks that are seemingly not able to afford food, rent, proper clothing, etc. still afford fireworks, in fact they send their kids down on a daily basis to get them.. We only afford a mere amount to celebrate the day, and once over on the 4th we clean up, and head down to the city display.. Just how it should be.. I think the cops need to be out in full force and make sure people are doing the right thing, or we may need to rethink the ordinance?

  • I believe banning fireworks is a bit much to call for. It is a day of celebration, a proud day in American history. There will always be folks who abuse the rights/privileges to celebrate and that is unfortunate, but let’s not punish the many due to the lack of respect by the few. This year will be very dangerous with the dry weather & high heat conditions. And today I feel like getting up on my soapbox. Go out and meet your neighbors, talk to them about your concerns. It is a great deal harder to disrespect (allowing fireworks to hit your home, litter your yard, or leave in the street) someone who you know rather than a nameless face. Say, hey I have to go to work early would you mind shutting it down by X time. Why use Law Enforcement for something a simple neighborly talk could handle. I am sure people can come up with many things that may not be able to be handled that way, but I am willing to bet very few have given it a shot. Then for the ones who are out of line with the ordinance Law Enforcement can intervene.
    Those with animals I don’t want to sound uncaring, but I listen to dogs barking all year round, all times of day and night. Now the person who just read that line and bristled up, maybe your dog does not but there are many that do. Should dogs be banned? I like dogs & I like fireworks but if it is out of control I will talk to you about it face to face, and see what we can work out.
    I hope everyone has a safe Independence Day, stay cool, drink lots of water.

  • The ordinance is irresponsible letting people shoot them off ’til midnight on the 4th. If the 4th was a Friday or Saturday, it would be O.K. However, most of us have to get up early and go to work on the 5th. 10 P.M. would be a more civilized end time.

    Just another reason for me to get out of this redneck backwards town.

  • I would not like to see fireworks banned but better controlled! And more respect given. thebcman had a point about the 4th if July 10pm cut off time on a week day.. Other towns do the show on the weekend close to the 4th so why could we not also do the same and cut off the time at 10 pm and keep them to one night.. Not three. (Except for the night of the show on a weekend.)
    AS far as talking to the neighbors.. We not all are nice ppl. But that aside.. the ppl that are the problem are not even our neighbors. They are ppl that come into the neighborhood to shoot off their fireworks because of the parking space in the area and then leave. I guess they just don’t want it in their space of they are from out of town. or even maybe live in the apt. ONE day I even went and said something to a group and it was not taken very nice.. I was told to mind my own business.
    AS far as my dogs.. They are not out barking all day and night and as a matter of fact are in all night long, for the entire respect thing. We have never allowed our dogs to stay our and bark all day..(They have been trained not too! or wear collars to prevent it!) but I do know some that have.. Dogs do bark it is there nature..
    If you don’t like dogs, Cats that fight or cry all night long, than maybe you should go and live somewhere they don’t allow dogs. And control the rest of what you can and cannot have on and in your yard and home.. And what color you can paint it!

  • So tell me why the fireworks started in town yesterday???? and have been going on today.. If they don’t start legal until tomorrow?? Are they required to give out flyers when they sell them on what the rules are around here?? If not they should with each and every sale.. They make enough money off of them! IT SHOULDN’T BE A PROBLEM
    This is just what I am talking about.. it is all about I want! Not what is right! And other people’s rights. This kind of self-centered behavior is going to cost a privilege that many/most communities have not had for years.. The town I grew up in, OH so many years ago did not even allow them back then. Is this where it is going to have to go before some of these people find out what privilege they have.

  • I just moved here last year and last 4th of July was one of the most fun my family has had. We shot off (and picked up) fireworks, enjoyed the time spent congregating with our neighbors and enjoyed the great show the City put on. Every day we are glad to have moved to the Eudora community and the 4th is a great celebration of that community. And yes, I have to go to work early the next morning.

  • Oh come on Robin did you read my post? I said that I like dogs and fireworks, I even agree with you on having a shut off time for them. But you come back with a statement like this.

    “If you don’t like dogs, Cats that fight or cry all night long, than maybe you should go and live somewhere they don’t allow dogs. And control the rest of what you can and cannot have on and in your yard and home.. And what color you can paint it!”

    I am not aware of (although I am sure there are a few) any towns with bans on dogs, but I am well aware of some that ban fireworks, should I suggest you move? I made a simple comparison of noise, and even went so far as to say “Now the person who just read that line and bristled up, maybe your dog does not but there are many that do.” Your reply is for me to move? In your first post you DID say, “I for one would be very happy if they joined the forces and band the fireworks’ in town.” So if I am to understand you correctly if there is an activity that you do not care for it should be banned (in the first post) or controlled (in the second post). Yet when I bring up a point (although it was a comparison of noise effects on other people by someone else’s choices; not a dislike of animals, although to be completely honest I do not care for cats) I should move? I would have said that is a bit hypocritical.
    >>>>>>>>> New paragraph, I did notice that there were many fireworks going off in town yesterday (July 1st) it is sad that people lack respect for the ordinances that may someday effect their ability to enjoy fireworks in town. I would suggest that we write an ordinance that could do some good for both sides of the fence. Such as allowing the 3rd and 4th from 12:00pm-10:00pm that would allow folks who have to work on the 4th time to enjoy fireworks with their families on the 3rd; and have a shut down time for the hard working folks that have to go to work on the morning of the 5th. In the mean time allow the police department the ability to fine/ticket those who choose to violate the time allotments, say $100.00; the city could use the money. Or I could just be spinning my wheels. Have a great Independence Day everyone. Remember what we are celebrating, stay safe.

  • Eric I was not trying to cause a debate on dog/cat thing and sorry if it seemed that way. If a person has a BIG problem with dogs/cats then they should not move to an area that they can be a problem.. That is all I was saying. Not meant to be directed at you personally. Sorry if you took it that way.
    There are housing areas that don’t allow dogs or outdoor cats. (I’m talking about HOA’s and such.) I don’t happen to live in one.. and would never buy in one.. Works for some and not others. There is a Dog noise ordinance in town by the way! So if you are bothered by you neighbor’s dogs you have the right to call the local cops.

    I was wrong to say for them to just ban the fireworks.. in my first comment. I should have sat on that before I sent it. and said I would be for banning them if they can’t get them under control. It gets worse every year as of late.

    There were many fireworks going off even on the June 30th,
    You have some great comments about the fireworks!.. I wonder if anything will be done or go on as it has for years and years..
    Calling the police around here on firework problems has been a waste of time.. in the past. HUM.. it is after 10:40 now and yes a lot of fireworks are still going off.. so much for the Police stopping it at 10pm . I am guessing that to many of the residence are going to abuse this rare privilege and loose it in the not too far future. This would be sad as it is a great fund raiser for many activity’s in town.. it just needs to be gotten under control.. I think we can agree on that!