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With the coming School Board and City Commission election in April, we asked each candidate for both School Board and City Commission to answer a few questions to help give voters an insight into who is running.  Each candidate was given the same list of questions to answer and their responses are being printed exactly as received.  We wrap up the School Board candidates today with Bryan Maring.

Please tell about your background.

I’ve worked in the educational system for over 12 years as a college instructor, assistant football coach at Fort Hays State University, & Mesa State College, 2 years at Ellinwood High School as teacher and head football coach, and 1 year at Fort Scott Community College as instructor and coach.  The last 8 years working for Novartis Pharmaceuticals as an area sales manager responsible for area sales in 7 states and 13 specialists.

What qualifications do you feel you have for a seat on the School Board

I believe my qualification for Eudora School Board are unique experiences with over 15 years teaching/coaching at three different levels allows me a unique set of views working in those environments to understand issues from different points of view to bring a different insight to the school board.  In my current position we are faced with many of the same issues of how to do more with fewer and fewer resources.

What do you think is the most important issue that faces the School Board and what do you plan to do in regards to that issue?

The most important issue facing the school board at Eudora School district is working with a reduced budget from years past.  As one who has this same issue each and every year working in my current position the key to maximizing your budget is to prioritize around what you consider to be the most important functions of your school district to fulfill our responsibilities:  the safety/safe environment for our students, hiring best possible teachers to lead our students, and creating opportunities for all students to maximize their strengths.  We want all of our students to graduate from Eudora High School career ready regardless of the career path they might chose.  Our Career Technical Education and College Now options enhance the capacity of our district to meet our students’ needs.

What other issues do you feel the School Board should review or remedy during the next term?

One of the other issues which is facing our school system and others is how do we continue to keep our best teachers and administrators from moving on to other districts.  The reason for most job change is not always financial and as a school district putting a retention strategy in place using other methods to recognize our top teachers, and create different career development pathways to help them reach their career goals, lets them know we care about them and their development.  By investing and recognizing our teachers we can build a stronger relationship which money can not always provide.

Why do you want to sit on the School Board?

The reason I want to sit on the School Board is because we moved to Eudora over 8 years ago and have one child graduating from Eudora High School and one entering middle school next year.  The reason we moved to Eudora was because of their outstanding school system and as a parent who has seen the value of a great education.  I want to help in continuing to improve our educational system and believe my unique experiences and qualifications can be of value to this position.


Next week, we will bring you Candidate profiles of the candidates for the City Commission race. Candidates for the School Board and City Commission will also have the opportunity to answer more in depth questions during the Meet The Candidates Forum on Tuesday, March 12 at 7:00 PM.  The Forum will be held at Eudora City Hall, 4 East 7th Street and the public is invited to attend. Election Day is Tuesday, April 2.

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