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4:30 PM Update: We are awaiting some updated numbers from the Douglas County Clerk’s office about voter turnout.  In the mean time, we can tell you that voting at Central Eudora polling station has picked up some but still lags far behind 2011 total vote count for the location.  As of approximately 4:10 PM, 53 voters had submitted ballots with 3 additional provisional ballots. In 2011, 153 citizens in Central Eudora voted.  Using the number we had, 4.5% of the registered voters have voted so far and we are just under a third of the voters in 2011.  For the local elections, North Eudora pulls the greatest population of registered voters by percentage.  Central and South pull the least.

Original Story:

So far today Eudora voters seem to not be getting out to the polls.  The Douglas County election office has released voter counts as of 10:30 AM and it shows that at three of the 4 polling stations in Eudora, the voter turnout is between 3% and 4% of registered voters.  The numbers include those who have gone to the polls today and those that voted prior to election day with early balloting.  In the Central Eudora polling district, only 1.8% of the voting population has so far visited the polls.  In the 2011 election, the total voting population for the polling place was anywhere from 12% in Central Eudora to 20% in North Eudora.

According to Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew, Douglas County as a whole is seeing larger numbers of voters for this election already as many polling stations in the county are at 50% of the 2011 voter totals.  In Eudora, the 10:30 AM check showed that we are slightly over 21% of the 2011 voting totals.

Numbers should be released later on this afternoon with a midday count of voter turnout. We will keep you posted on how many people are showing up to vote. We will also have extensive coverage of the totals once the polls close at 7:00 PM this evening.

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