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The City of Eudora City Council recently passed the 2012 budget. The total amount the city will spend in 2012 is $10,554,219.  This is an increase of approximately $428,000 from last year.  Much of the jump in costs can be attributed to Westar Energy raising the rates the city pays for electricity.

The best news to come out of the budget is not what is there but more what is not there. There will be no mill levy increase in 2012 nor will their be a raise in utility rates.

Without any significant revenue increases, city officials were faced with making some cuts to multiple department operating budgets. While there are no cuts to full time city staff, some seasonal/part time money from multiple departments was reduced. This work will be carried out by either current full time employees or money from a department fund was moved to cover any needed expenditures.  Things such as vehicle repair and replacement may be delayed for a time.

Another way that the city was able to keep tax payers and utility users at the same rates, was to transfer larger reserve fund balances to funds that had lower balances or funds, such as the electricity fund, that had greater expenditures.

Council members Ruth Hughs and Kenny Massey complimented City staff on keeping the budget in line and not raising the rates for taxpayers or utility users.


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10 Responses to 2012 City Budget

  • I have to thank the city leaders for not raising the mill rate in this bad time. Thank you.
    Too bad the school board can`t see the light.

  • According to former articles, as I understand it, the school board has no room left, according to state law, to raise the mill levy enough to make any difference in their budget. Can you say “tapped out”. Does not charging the students, especially $500 per child for kindergarten, constitute a raise in taxes without them actually saying they raised taxes? I remember when the mill levy was enough to pay for all children to attend school without having to pay any extra each year. But back then we didn’t have to pay for shiny new schools **(see below) and added upkeep for them, whether we are using them or not.I know this is not on subject for this article, but let’s get real if we are defending the school board.

    ** I do realize that these school were approved by a vote, but some of the tactics for gaining these votes is what I find questionable.

  • But the school district has already gotten so deep in everyone’s pockets, they know we don’t have more to give now.
    Yes we have nice schools and some great teachers,some not so great, but the amount of kids coming out of our schools now that can not count change, and have a hard time reading, is not good for the millions and millions we are spending.
    The district is more about making the schools look like temples and not teaching our kids about the real world.
    When west was built it was going to be school for a long long time and now it is empty, the new school is costing us taxpayers dearly. The board uses no common smarts when they go for something. They go with overbuilt buildings that they say will last Eudora 50 years and close the doors in 15 leaving a mess for taxpayers to pay for. Nottingham is an example of how dishonest our board is.
    1 – It was full of asbestos.(not safe)
    2 – Pipes leaking , lead in pipes. (not safe)
    3 – Leaking roof about to fall in. (not safe)
    4 – Too costly to heat and cool. (costing taxpayers money)
    5 – Bad location , ( unsafe street with heavy traffic )
    6 – Good commercial property ( dist could sell to raise funds )
    7 – Ecstatically ugly old building.
    8 – Bricks and mortor failing. ( not safe )
    8 Most used point to build a new school was !! Our kids are not safe in this old structure ,it needs to be condemned and torn down.
    Then is was used for the special needs kids and classes farmed uot to other districts to use.
    Not good enough for our kids, but the kids from other districts are quite fine to be in it. That says many things about our district leaders.
    Can you do a story about our older folks trying to survive and keep the homes they have worked a lifetime to pay for and what the taxation cost is for them to keep those homes now ?
    Many have had to do reverse mortgages and take out loans to pay the HUGE school district taxes that just keep going up and up and up and up and on those fixed incomes they can`t make it.
    Seems as if when one bond comes off , it is the districts plan to do something to add more bonds and keep the rate pegged out and the mill rate high. Four years ago they had to go to the state for permission to raise the mill , because it was at the limit and they wanted more and more.
    If the bonds were all off, that would free up about $1,700.00 per $120,000.00 home and over $3,000.00 a pear for a business owner. This money could go to medications for the older folks and businesses could use it to grow and bring in sales tax revenues. Not to mention , hire more employees.
    This is why i get so upset at our school district, they have no common sense

  • I say that anyone who doesnt have kids in any school shouldnt have to pay taxes! Kids in school, you pay taxes. Either no kids or once they graduate, NO MORE TAXES. I mean, why should retired persons have to pay school taxes? The school distrcit needs to prove that they arent wasting tax payers money. Oh, they CANT!

  • What needs to be done is if you have kids in school, LIMIT the amount of taxes that household pays to an afordable amount not $500.00 per child and the additional $1,700.00 a year.
    If a household has no children limit it to something more like $300.00 a year and no more ever.
    I think everyone needs to pay something , after all our kids are our future and they need an education.
    But what is happening now with our district is just Out Of Control.
    The school distric needs to learn to live off a strict budget and not just a smash and grab system like is in place now.
    Can children not learn in a $300.000.00 building just the same as a 25 million dollar building ?
    I dare a board member to debate me on that !!!!!!!
    I also invite the board to debate me on why new schools were needed when the old ones were fine !!!!!! Is is against the law to add on to an existing building in Eudora ks USA ?
    Can an existing building not be refurbished in Eudora ks USA ?
    Or is that agaist the city codes ?

  • …only pay school taxes if you have kids, only pay taxes for the roads you drive on, only pay for police and fire protection if you need them, only pay taxes for enhancing downtown if you ever go down there. Sound, solid fiscal plan.

  • Thank you businessman. Your limit idea is what I was trying to think of. Something does need to be done. Greenman, basicly if a person doesnt have kids in school or never has had kids, isnt that taxation without representation? Roads everybody drives on at one time or another and fire and police everybody needs at some time. Give me one example of what I get out of a school if I dont have kids, never have had kids in school or dont plan on having any kids?

  • If you think your property values are bad now, imagine Eudora without a school. You can debate planning that was done during the past decade – who can honestly say that in 2007 they saw the economic collapse of 2008 coming – however, this school system, it’s leasders, teachers and staff, are one of the greatest strengths this community has. Through employment, local spending and educating the youth of the community they add value to every piece of property and increase quality of life for every resident of Eudora.
    And for the record, not wanting to pay taxes for roads I don’t use is an apt comparison to your not wanting to pay school taxes because you don’t have kids. Neither makes any sense and neither rises to the level of taxation without representation as we are represented through our votes for candidates who make up local boards and councils.

  • Represented by manipulation and false information on the existing schools before the vote. Also manipulated by the board on growth even before things went south. The student growth was declining when they lied about it growing and a huge number and that we would be out of room and so on, all out lies and chicken crap tactics that we are now paying dearly for.
    The board will do ANYTHING to get what they want and they are very good at manipulating the voters.
    Let the slapping begin !!!